Tuesday: Throwback Week

Hi folks, welcome to a special edition of the Tuesday post. The boss man is out for the week (apparently Disney World is cooler than HJC) and isn't able to get concepts out to the writers, so in his absence we're holding *dramatic voice* Throwback Week. Don't worry, we'll get to all your concepts you've recently sent in. Here's what you can expect this week:

- The writers will choose 4 concepts previously posted on HJC.

- The concepts must be one year or older

- Concepts couldn't have been previously reviewed by the same writer

Also, concepts this week won't be eligible for the Concept of the Week, since they've already been on. Before we kick off Throwback Week, take a moment to vote for COTW, and send in your Wheeling Nailers entries when you're ready.

 COTW Vote April 27- May 3 (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 Wheeling Nailers Competition (entries due Friday @ noon EST) 

For the first day of Throwback Week, let's take a trip down memory lane to previous May 8th in HJC history.

Last year in 2017, Brooks F was in the middle of his 90's-style redesign, winning writer Steve M's COTW nomination with this Flyers design:

There's no better 90s look for Philly than the silver rounded-edge logo. Still, it falls flat against the white in the logo and on the jersey and blends to closely together. The gradient also perfectly fits the 90s theme, even if the same color problem applies. I like how the thin stripes on the arms and hem compliment the logo, though they might be a little to thin for legibility. Overall, it's a fitting tribute to the decade, but the execution needs some adjusts before it's fitting for the ice.

Back in 2016, Sunday writer Caz reviewed the Metropolitan Division logos before reviewing concepts. His top pick for the day was Josiah B's set for Djurgarden of the Champions League Series:

Triadic color schemes don't show up on the blog too often, and it's a shame when it came be used as well as it is here; the color is excellently balanced, vibrant, without going too tacky. The three-stripe pattern carried consistently throughout looks clean and sharp, but leaves me wanting more. A big missed opportunity with this one was to have the stripes match the logo, since they're too close not to. In the end, this had too many positives not to pass by without recognition.

In 2015, blog admin Ryan, once again, thought Disney World was more important than the blog. Jerk.

Moving all the way back to 2014, Thursday writer William B. gave his COTW nod to a New Jersey Devils alternated from Dylan W:

Dylan took a risk with this one. While William B. liked it, I'm much less behind it. The unbalanced yoke, while an interesting touch to match the logo and design, would have sat awkwardly on the shoulders of a skater, and been off-balanced. Also throwing off the balance was the logo too high up on the crest. The font looks too traditional to fit the rest of the design. I actually do like the lack of pants stripe here, I feel like another red element would have detracted from where Dylan really wanted your focus, on the jersey.

2013 didn't have a clear-cut best from Wednesday writer DBro, so I took this Nashville Predators concept from David K:

In a time well before Adidas simplification became a tool in every concept designer's bag, David gave this Preds concept lots of life, but maybe too much life. The array of colors becomes too much to bear, especially with the silver so close to the white and the infamous yellow-on-white syndrome. While the guitar strings are lost on the home jersey, they stark contrast on the road gives the design much more appeal. The triangle behind the logo doesn't convey any meaning, and desperately needs it removed to tone this look down. I'm glad the Preds dropped silver long ago, because the grey for grey's sake is an idea that didn't work in 2013, and certainly doesn't work now.

That's all I have for today. No COTW nominations this week. Come back tomorrow for the next edition of Throwback Week. I'll see you next Tuesday with your regularly scheduled concepts, until then, keep your stick on the ice.
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