Thursday: Short 'n Sweet

Happy Thursday, Ladies and Gents.

Short and sweet. No intro this time. Straight to the concepts.


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On to the concepts!

Danny R.- Calgary Canucks

While I was a big fan of the last Calgary Canucks concept I got to review on the site, this one falls a little flat for me. I don't think the Canucks' logo is served well in the roundel as the finer "stick-and-puck" details are lost as they are shrunk to fit in the constraint of the circle. Also, while the striping is fine in its own right, it reminds me too much of your Bandits concept from yesterday with only one stripe thickness and several colors change. In general, I think the upper-arm pattern has become trite and overused since the penguins returned to their 90s look, so it really takes a lot to wow me with this kind of look at this point.

Overall Rating: 6.0/10
A solid look in a vacuum, but much to like Danny's own concept from yesterday, so there's some much needed creativity lacking here

Daniel A.- California Seals

Not sure I've seen something from you before, so welcome to the sight, Daniel. Daniel gives us a new look for the California Seals by re-purposing the Avalanche's Colorado C. It works well enough, but iirc the Seals original logo is included within NHL18's customization options, so the choice confuses me. Striping pattern is one of the better one's in NHL18 and the colors are balanced well. Execution leaves a lot to be desired given NHL18's stock options and the fact that a picture was just taken of the screen rather than exporting a screen shot.  While I've definitely spent more than my fair share of time mocking up a quick look on NHL 18, there really are much better options out there for making concepts and will give you some more design freedom. Welcome Daniel, it all goes up from here.
Overall Rating: 5.0/10
Pretty solid design-wise, but like the last 

Lucas D.- Montreal Canadiens

Lucas plays with fire by re-imagining the classic Canadians chest stripe. Love the away look here. Who knew putting actual stripes on a jersey would make it look better? The home is for the most part solid as well, though I don't love the yoke treatment. I applaud you for taking a unique approach, but can't help but think the yoke would look better as a white square yoke outlined in blue, much like on your road look. The chest logo pops nicely off the white chest stripe and provides just enough to freshen up the look. Execution note: You swapped the TV number colors between the two templates for the way look. I'd definitely go with the white numbers as the blue blend in to the red arms stripes far too much.
Overall Rating: 8.0/10
It's tough to re-imagine a classic look, but Lucas does a great done minus a couple execution errors, so we'll call it a winner.

That's all for today folks. 

Lucas D's Canadiens Concept takes home this weeks COTW Nomination Honors.

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Thursday: Short 'n Sweet Reviewed by JB Designs on May 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

I could see a team like the Spokane Chiefs using that habs concept to its advantage.

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