The Legs Feed the Wolf: Wolfpack Hockey

For the first time, I'm writing about a club hockey team not associated with any college, but instead, a highly competitive adult club team. Playing out in the SoCal area is the Wolfpack hockey club. The Wolfpack came about after a few players from a previous club decided to leave the previous club that they were on due to mismanagement, lack of effort, and the skill level at which the team performed.

In speaking with Alex Massehian, one of the founders of the team along with Jeff Esguerra and Roman Tumaykin, he stated that "We (the players leaving the club) were a lot hungrier, kind of like a pack of wolves that kept seeing the raw meat flashed in front of them; So the name was fitting and we didn't want to go the stereotypical beer league route of having some sarcastic name." Alex also stated that "Most of us have re-acclimated to hockey over the past few years and have progressed quite nicely." He also went on to explain how the team goes out of there way to have practices and was specific in the league that they chose to play in due to the seriousness of the competition. Ultimately, though, the goal is to get the team has highly competitive as possible and the Wolfpack are racing there way to that.

Mockups supplied by Alex. Designed by Rebirth Sports
When it came to uniforms, the Wolf pack decided to do both jerseys and gloves through Rebirth. The players on the team actually used Rebirth on there last team and were impressed with the quality level compared to any jerseys that they've used in the past. There's a lot to like about the whole set here. The color combo works well and doesn't copy off any colleges that use the Wolfpack mascot. the black yoke on the blue jersey is beautiful and the striping pattern on the arms and hem work perfectly with the crest and shoulder logos. Not only that, but the subtle things like the "THE LEGS FEED THE WOLF" moniker in the collar is a nice touch as well as the numbers with the drop shadow. Also, the black pants and blue socks that match the sleeve striping round this design out completely. Match that with the gloves (see below) and these guys are a cut above the rest.

A first here at HJC, these gloves actually have a nice design and the small custom parts (the numbers and names on the wrists) really draw this into the entire jersey. Alex stated that they do run slightly larger than the normal glove so a size smaller would need to be ordered but, other than that, it's a good deal for the price of the gloves.

Mockups supplied by Alex. Designed by Rebirth Sports

Asking in what the future holds for the outfitting of the Wolfpack, Alex stated that the team is still deciding on a white jersey but plan to have one soon. While the team looks professional, Alex stressed to me that it's just as important that the Wolfpack's play is as good or superior to how they look. Thank you again for being a part of the Club hockey series and I wish nothing but success for Alex and the Wolfpack Hockey Club. If you happen to be a competitive hockey player looking for a team in the SoCal area, look them up because they're hunt for success can only improve by adding to the pack!

If you're interested in supporting the Wolfpack through purchasing gear HERE
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Wolf Pack 11 said...

This is Jeff Esguerra, captain of the Wolf Pack. I want to thank you for featuring us on your blog! This team was built with the goal of being a family while having fun, learning from each other, and of course, winning. Our inaugural season is still a work in progress, but I love the guys I play with and the support we have given each other. Again, thank you for the feature, and we look forward to sticking around for quite a while. Go Wolf Pack!

John B said...

I keep seeing all this great stuff from Rebirth Sports, clearly it has been highlighted here a lot.

But I've never seen a cost. I know every job is different, but before I start pushing my coaches to get new uniforms, I need to have at least an idea what the price per jersey is.

Can anyone shed some light on that? How much are these awesome uniforms?

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