Newfoundland Growlers, Welcome to the ECHL

On Monday the newest ECHL club, the Newfoundland Growlers, unveiled their logo.

The logo depicts a Newfie dog and uses the club's colours of black and beige. The colour may appear to be vegas gold, but the Growlers describe the team's colours as inspired by a picture of a Newfie dog that was the mascot of The Royal Newfoundland Regimen.

It can be expected nowadays that most teams will attempt to fluff up a new look with some extra meaning to all of the elements of the identity. And the Growlers are no different...

"Our primary logo is a Newfoundland dog – a large working dog who is known for their size, strength, intelligence and loyalty. The dog in the logo is fierce and stoic to represent the pride and resilience of our province, and our reputation of never backing down from a challenge. Paired with a forged-style font, the hard edges and strong weight give it a stone-chiseled feel which lends itself well to the vintage style of the logo.”

The Growlers will begin play in the ECHL beginning with the 2018-19 season.

What do you guys think of the logo? Leave your comments at the very bottom of this post and they may be featured in an upcoming episode of the Jersey Nerds Podcast.

Images courtesy Growlers Twitter account
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FC Macbeth said...

Nice looking logo. Growlers sound pretty good. All is well.

Away Jersey will be beige as primary, black as secondary and white as accent.

Home Jersey will be in reverse.

Third Jersey (if any) could be based on other former Newfoundland hockey teams (e.g St. John's IceCaps and St. John's Fog Devils, if they have any original jerseys). If not, maybe the Newfoundland flag as inspiration?

This is my dream jersey of this new team. What do you think?

MMcG said...

Nice logo. Also makes me think of craft beer.

Unknown said...

The logo looks like something from NHL 18 and the colors are boring

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