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Welcome to a throwback Monday post.

When I started writing for HJC in August of 2012, I was in between grade 10 & 11, still in high school, your standard awkward 16 year old starting his first job, learning to drive, and using MS paint to design hockey jerseys. Found out I got the position while on vacation, ironically in Halifax, where I would end up going to school for 4 years years later. Flash forward nearly 6 years and here we are; graduating university, using GIMP (when it wants to work) to make concepts, and a regular guest on a podcast (back in my day, we did something called a Live Chat...yeah...it was...interesting...)

I have news to announce with this post, the HJC Pairs companions will begin June 1st. There will be no divisions, pairs of 2, and you'll be designing an outdoor game! Get working on finding a partner now! You have limited time and limited options!

Anyways, today we are going to re-review 10 concepts, some good, some bad, some mind boggling, and some just for fun.

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On with the 10 concepts!


Let's first go back to the first concept I reviewed on HJC

Team Jamaica Concept (By: John T.) From August 2012

For those who don't remember, the 2012 Olympics in London were dominated by Usain Bolt in some Track & Field events. He was even considered by some to be a candidate for a multi-sport career in either soccer or football, but hockey, only by artist John T. to my knowledge. This was for the most part a simple recolour, with minor changes being done to the BOLTS alternate to make it more Jamaican. The colour balancing is pretty good, as is the inclusion of piping and even the famous Tampa Bay victory stripes and coloured pits seem to match the track tank tops quite nicely. The Numbers on teh back are a bit small and the NOB is a bit spaced out for my taste, but nothing major. I will also say since the Pens have ditched that style of pants pattern they have looked a lot better. Finally, since Nashville has gone with bright helmets on a yellow jersey, I think yellow helmets would look a lot better here.

Originally, I gave this concept a solid 7.5/10, and I'll continue to give it said rating.

Next up is a concept I still am unsure why it needed to be made, and maybe you can help me play spot the difference

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Stephen T.) From December 2013

In looking at this and Colorado's Edge jerseys up to this point in their history, you'd be understandably confused as to what changes were made. Realistically, none were, and the core design is still intact. However, without spoiling it, a much despised detail of this jersey was slightly altered, and the collar is a different style. The execution error on this one are obvious: undersized primary logo and name bar, heavy pixelation on most parts of the jersey, numbers don't line up on the back, no helmet logos. Those basic things would be enough to drag even the best concept down, but I still don't understand why this needed to be made? I get some concepts want to show us basic changes teams can make to look better such as LA adding a hem stripe to their black jersey or Nashville adding a second shoulder patch, but there's more changes than that even on the most subtle jersey changes.  However this one...this one is different....

Back in the day this concept got a super generous 5.5/10, and today it gets a 0, plain and simple. I don't love recolours, I don't like taking old designs and putting them directly on modern templates, and I cannot stand lazy designing that serves no purpose.

Being a big fan of Columbus's original jerseys and particularly that logo, let's look at a concept that did that exceptionally well and sold me on volt green.

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Kyle C.) From March 2013

One thing you can fault any and all Jackets jerseys have done is lacking red...and volt green, but mostly red. The cuffs and hem are really well done, as are the socks. The striping is simple enough, but the colour balancing really works here, and the much loved Stinger patch looks a lot better with more volt green (which by the way, glows in the dark). The numbers on the back are a bit small, an the tv numbers are too thin. I happen to prefer the very thick numbers on the original jerseys from 00-01, but I get that'd be difficult to pull off. Furthermore, I'd have made the collar insert volt green to add that collar to the upper jersey. Also, don't forget your helmet logos.

Back in the day I gave this concept a 9/10 and a COTW nom, and wth some cleaning up it would get that exact rating and nomination in most posts, but as is it gets a 7.5.

Some ideas you just don't see done very often, which is why this next concept gets a mention.

Utica Comets AHL Concepts (By: Kyle N.) From September 2013

I happen to love this colour scheme in many forms, however it was not used to its full potential for an AHL franchise for the Canucks. One thing that benefits this colour scheme with that logo is how well it connects with space. Furthermore the colour balancing is REALLY well done! I also like the use of the stick in rink shoulder patch on the arms, it doesn't look forced and I like the way the stripes actually act as the outline of the logo. The striping itself is close to being a cookie cutter, but the yoke stripes really help there. One major issue with it though is the fact that Kyle accidentally left the NHL tag on the inside of the collar, and forgot to add the AHL tags to the jersey, which prevents this from getting a higher rating.

The first rating was a 7.5/10. but with the fixing of the tags this would get a solid 8.5/10. Note that in this post I did give a lame duck Sabres concept a 7/10, and would today get a 3/10, so sometimes these older ratings made little sense to me too.

Back in December of 2012, we actually lost access to the blog URL for about a couple weeks for some reason, and had to use the HJC Deadsign Design blog to make posts, even the writer's personal blogs in a couple instances, but we made it through it and got the blog back to begin 2013.

Anyways, in the lead up to that challenge, we got this awesome concept from blog admin, that uses my favourite template from the Edge cookie cutter era.

Sudbury Wolves OHL Concepts (By: Ryan HJC) From December 2012

For those curious why I call Ryan HJC that instead of just Ryan H., it's because we've had a couple Ryan H's in my time writing send concepts in. Anyways, this concept is pretty solid. While the Wolves have greatly improved from what they wore in 2012, which were...almost as bad as the Avalanche jerseys from that era, but none the less, I'd say these are superior. I like the way Ryan uses the Thrashers away template; by adding that small bit of colour, the yoke on the white jersey, the big cuffs and the addition of a hem stripe all make this template more than usable. I also like the use of the Sharks style numbers on the, that have been slightly widened and shortened to make it work. I do wish the collar on the dark road was white and the insert grey to balance colours mote. Furthermore I think the CHL logo would go inside the hem stripe but let me know if that isn't the case.

Back in the day I gave this concept a 9/10 and I'll keep that rating, would love to see these on ice.

Not every concept is going to be ice worthy, but none the less a very fun concept, such as this concept from January of 2016. Back in this time, the LA Clippers unveiled two of the worst NBA jerseys in recent memories with their home and road set that replaced their well loved jerseys worn in some form or another since the 90s.

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Alan S.) From January 2016

Says what you will about the Sens jerseys now, they won't be like this. Of course this was made in good fun, and in many ways Alan did his best to make it work. For one the colours for the most part are well balanced. Furthermore the logos are REALLY well done given what is being attempted here. The sideways senator logo really works, I like the addition of the maple leaf to the script, and the O maple leaf works ideally as a helmet logo. That being said a hem stripe would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore some consistency between these jerseys would really help. The lack of a gold outline on the red jersey's upper arm stripe, and outline on the numbers on the white jerseys would help these jerseys actually work.

An 8/10 was a bit generous back in the day, but not well deserved. However I think rating these on a regular scale wouldn't work well for a concept that doesn't intend of being "good", but rather fun, so my Fun/10 rating applies here.

Next up we have a pairs concept to my knowledge not submitted as part of any pairs competition, but rather a team up between HJC veterans Taylor R & J3.

2017 Stadium Series PIT v. STL Concept (By: Taylor R & J3) From June 2015

I really enjoy the Stadium Series as an outlet for modern designs. Case in point, the Pens concept here. While the Blues concepts here is pretty nice and actually does a decent job of making the music note in white work, it doesn't blow me away. Not to knock it, it's solid, it's just...well let's look at the Pens jersey. The way they worked curved striping into the arms is nice enough and blends with the Robopen in a way that improves on the original gradient jersey, but that massive rainbow arc works amazingly. The colours are balance well, the logos are chosen properly and all work. The pants I think are the best part, with a nice level of vintage and modern.

Back in the day, I did give this concept the credit it deserved, with a 9.25/10, and I think that Blues jersey has grown on me enough for me to give it a 9.5.

The next 3 concepts don't get reviews, because I want you to review them. They are my old concepts from way back when. Rip them a new one or give your honest review, I don't care, this is all in good fun!



That's all, GO JETS GO!
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