Monday: Namaste

Welcome to the Monday post!

So the Jets lost to the Golden Knights. After last week's podcast, you'd expect me to go off about how much I hate the Golden Knights and that they were dirty and rotten and James Neal is a disgrace to the NHL...and I might have. I already did in the immediate aftermath of the game...but then an unknown source sent me this....

...and I couldn't help but laugh... For those curious why I have such a distain for the Golden Knights, it started with James Neal hitting Connor Hellebuyck over the head with his stick on what would be the game winning goal earlier in the season. This pissed me off to no end, and while Hellebuyck wasn't hurt thankfully, it appeared to be another case of the NHL blowing a goaltending interference call. On top of that, Canadian sports media wouldn't stop praising this team for seemingly doing nothing. I still stand by this, but eventually, the fact that this team was successful from day one stopped being surprising. Hell I picked these guys to finish just outside the playoff bubble, and since Calgary faulted, Arizona failed right off the bat, and Edmonton nearly imploded, they would have made the playoffs by that standard? Now winning the division and not having Fleury for a decent chunk of the year? That's impressive for any team, but it's clear this isn't your average expansion team, this is more like a team created by someone who knew what they were doing in NHL18. However that didn't stop the likes of Bardown & Cabbie and all those Buzzfeed level sports journalism outlets to ride this team to the point I just grew tired of hearing about them. They became, through no fault of their own, the casual know-nothing hockey passer by's go to team, and I can't stand posers. It was like they never took the kid gloves off when covering the team, and it got to me. I still do blame the Florida Panthers for handing them a winning coach and top scorer right off the bat, but you know what... if your team was offered what the Golden Knights were offered...they'd take it too.

Do I still dislike them? Not really no, I can't help but laugh! The ridiculousness of my distain for a team that really did nothing but win....I was wrong. So you know what Vegas? You won fair and square, it was a meh series sure, but it's not you for making it that. Good luck in the Stanley Cup Finals, I'm still cheering for the Lightning/Capitals, but I won't be angry if you win. In short, I forgot the lessons of the Star Wars prequels, and became Anakin instead of staying my usual Han Solo self, clouded by rage, annoyance, and letting hockey normies get under my skin.

As for James Neal...you're alright...

For those curious now, this puts the Ottawa Senators back at 31/31 as my least favourite team in the NHL, where they should be. Despite Matt Duchene's best effort, he can't keep his team at 30th in the NHL in this standard.

Special thanks to Friend of the Show, professional fence sitter, and crustless PB & J aficionados Bpoe!

Voting this week is pretty simple! We have the COTW vote between Lucas D's Wheeling Nailers Contest winning entry, and John E's Seattle Krakens expansion concept.

Votes are due Friday @ Noon EST!

We also have the upcoming Pairs Competition! If you have yet to make a team, please go to the Pairs Competition page at the top of the blog, submit your email and we'll find you a partner!

On with today's 4 concepts !


Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

The first thing I notice about this concept is that the stripes finally match! Some may like this..I am impartial, and in fact think the uneven stripe numbers works on the white jersey better. I do like the elimination of the white collar on the blue jersey, but would have done the same on the white jersey and made both monochrome. The vein detail I think is a neat idea, but not where it is placed. Here it just sort of blends into the stripes, which might actually be a better way to use it. Could also work as an outline around the name-bar or sublimate into the numbers. I think Leafs fans who prefer a tradition look would like this, but for me, where my favourite jerseys are the 1993-2007 style jerseys, preferably with the TML patch and rounded numbers, this is too plain for me.

It's a Leafs concept that a lot will like, the traditionalist opinion doesn't sway me much, and a shoulder patch would go a long way in sealing the deal.


Wheeling Nailers ECHL Concepts (BurkusCircus)

This was Burkus' entry to the Nailers Redesign Competition, and there's a lot to like but I can't really say I love this. The good here is really good. The gradient jerseys are solid, the style of the collar works, and there's so much stuff that flows well I could have seen myself voting for. However one thing I can say is this is a concept that proves you need to check your concepts over before sending the in. The Adidas logo on the back of the jerseys are all uncoloured and unfilled in. That is the sort of thing you need to catch. I absolutely love the alternate, I would have bought that in a heartbeat and I love the idea behind it....BUT...that back of the collar logo...it kills it. It's minor sure, but you can't let that happen often.

Take it as a learning experience, Burkus! It happens to all of us, just be sure to check the concept over before sending it in, other than that, solid stuff!


Camrose Kodiaks AJHL Concept (By: Danny R.)

Sometimes the simple stuff works! This is one of those cases! The old Sens number style works really well with that 70s style grizzly logo. The striping is very simple, but in the Sens colours with a more white dominated logo works really well. I do wish there was a shoulder patch but everything works here I can see this not need one. Furthermore, these are not only a vast improvement over the Sens copies currently worn by the Kodiaks, but the logo itself now has a sort of dated charm rather than an out of date tinge with making it nearly entirely monochrome.

Everything works, no complaints, solid concept!

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 
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FC Macbeth said...

I'm watching the review of the supposed penalty today. While I don't see it as a 'goaltender interference', since Neal's stick is broken the goal shouldn't been counted. Not worth a major penalty, but Haula's goal doesn't count.

John E. said...

Burkus for COTW. I’m really digging the creativity of that concept.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Yeah, I saw that when it was posted before voting... that's not great... :/
Also, thanks John for the nomination!

Jlnhlfan said...

DAMN, Duchene.

Unknown said...

I will second Burkus for COTW. Other than the purple logos my only issue with it is that now I can no longer do a later DRGW concept because I can't get that alternate out of my head.

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