Monday: Game 1 Concepts

No matter what, one team tonight walks away with its first Stanley Cup Finals victory in franchise history.

Welcome to a belated Monday post!

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On with today's concepts!


Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Adam G.)

Vegas would be unique in marketing this jersey if they were to do so as they would be the first team to market a jersey specifically for an attraction. I like the idea, especially if the team signs a sponsorship deal with a specific Vegas Casino/Resort/Hotel to make these a selling point as "the official hotel of the Vegas Golden Knights. I'm not too familiar with Vegas landmarks but this seems to cover all the bases. The colour are nicely laid out, and the striping is simple enough to work as a generic fan jersey, but not enough to bore me. I will say though the logo does stand out a little much, and I would like to see the shoulder patch somewhere, maybe on the arms?

A neat idea, and one that could be applied to many places. 8/10

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

Even as a Jets fan, I must admit it is weird there's red in the logo, but not on the Jets' jerseys and vice versa for aviator blue. The stripe here is simple enough, like a version of the Heritage Classic jerseys with grey added similar to the Sabres sword jersey. I love almost everything about this jersey, but the numbers on the back do nothing for me! I'm sure a lot of you will like them, but they don't really say Jets to me, they say straightened out Fisherman. I would have kept the current numbers. Will say I love the 1995-2000 pant stripe! 

A solid set, would not complain if the Jets adopted these; just put them on one image next time! 9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Avi S.)

Oh man, Avi! This is a damn nice Sens set. I don't know how he does it, but Avi takes the simplest striping patterns, and makes them really work well and different in every concept he makes! The way the logo and new numbers work together look really solid, I can see this becoming a solid identity in the future. It's not perfect though, mainly the lack of red on the white jersey's striping. Furthermore, the lack of a shoulder patch doesn't kill these at all, but it would look better with say the Peace Tower logo? 

If the Sens wore these, it'd be one step closer to making them a civilized team! 9/10

Whitecourt Wolverines AJHL Concept (By: Danny R.)

Current Jerseys- Blackhawks copies

As I said in the latest podcast, I love seeing long words scripted  on hockey jerseys. Remember the Evansville Icemen home? One of my favourites! Anyways, these do almost the same thing, with Whitecourt in a Rangers style script with tv numbers under the script and an Oilers style striping pattern. I really like this in contrast with their current set, but the lack of any logos hurt this jersey, as a shoulder patch of some sorts would do this jersey a lot good! 

A solid script alternate, and with a little tweaking it's ready to hit the ice. 8.5/10 

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Ryan said...

I really like Adam's idea. There's lots more coming too.

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