Monday: Devils & Kings

Welcome to another Monday post here at HJC!

Safe to say tonight will be dedicated to me hopefully watching the Jets beat the Preds tonight and move on to the Conference Finals. I like this Jets/Preds rivalry, it's the kind where there's a healthy respect for the opponent. That Game 2 2OT loss was some of the best hockey I've ever seen and I know whoever wins this series will win the Stanley Cup. I hope to see this rivalry flourish over the next few years. Besides, while the Preds are the kind of rival that make you want to better yourself and you can shake hands and grab a beer after a hard fought game, the Golden Knights are....I don't like them much...and whoever wins this, had better beat them...

Figured I'd post this just to show how great a series it's been:

and for all you dank memers out there

Voting this week is simple, a one on one between Ryan & Burkus for king of last week's concepts! Concepts on the side of the blog, votes are due Friday @ Noon EST

Here are the latest Wheeling Nailers Redesign Competition entires. Entries are also due this Friday @ Noon EST.

Burkus Circus

Lucas D.

Great stuff! Check out the Contest Page for more information on rules and where to send your concepts!

On with today's 2 concepts.

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Adam G.)

The best way I can describe this concept would be if the Devils classic jerseys, their original green jerseys and the 2009 Phoenix Coyotes alternate all met up, and for that it's not half bad. The colour balancing between the white and red jersey not seen on any Devils jersey since 1991 is a good improvement as it corrects something that's always bothered me about the Devil's away. The striping isn't bad, but I'm not sure what the arm pattern is supposed to be. I think it's supposed to be like the pitchforks on the logo with a curve, but it's not angled enough to fully make the best of that idea. Everything else seems to be standard fare for the Devils with an increased amount of secondary colours, which does look really nice, particularly that black yoke on the red jersey.

Overall, a unique Devils concept that with some polishing would be close to a real winner. 8/10.

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Kalin S.)

I think most will agree the best logo combination the Kings could have right now would be the LA Stadium Series logo and the isolated crown logo. This does so, and includes some purple/forum blue for good measure. The black jersey looks alright, but without some of that sweet sweet forum blue not on the numbers and shoulder patch, it seems out of place. The away jersey on the other hand seems to have the right amount of purple (again, same issue with the numbers and shoulder patch), but there's almost no black. This really hurts the design as it seems to have a white out effect. It almost seems there's a missing purple jersey that matches the white jersey and the black jersey is an alternate. Furthermore, the lack of gear doesn't help the colour balancing issue, which could save the white jersey with the right amount of black. 

It's not a bad concept, it's just one major change from being very good, but without said change it really hurts it and keeps it from being at its full potential. 6/10.

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