Columbus and the Hidden Wasp Stripes

By all respects, the original design for the Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys used from 2000-01 to the end of the pre-edge era remained the same except for a change in shoulder patches. These jerseys in some way or another have been the template for every Blue Jackets home and road jersey up to today. That being said you'd be forgiven if you didn't notice one detail the original blue jerseys had.

For reference, here's how they looked on the ice, both with the Stinger patch and the later Civil War cap patch post 2002-03.

Photo from AP Photos
Photo from GameWornAuctions
Notice anything out of the ordinary? To the untrained eye the jerseys look blank above the hem stripe, with a small amount of red on the top  of the cuffs. However, there is more to these jerseys you can really see when you have one in front of you.

Here's my copy of this jersey, made by Koho:

Notice it yet, look on the front of the jersey around the logo
Don't see it?

Starting to see it? Here, let me outline it for you

No, these are not imperfections in the lighting, every single Blue Jackets navy jersey made in the pre-edge era has this. The striping is meant to represent bee striping, or rather wasp, as the team's mascot and former shoulder patch is Stinger the Wasp. This was not something promoted by the team, but rather a hidden detail, and one not seen on the ice in most scenarios.

Take a look at some Columbus jerseys from this era, and tell me in the comments if you can see the wasp stripes too? Does this change your opinion of the jersey? For better or for worse? 
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Dave said...

I'm trying, but I still can't see it.

Unknown said...

I can just barely see it, and I think if they wanted to do this they should’ve made the two shades easier to distinguish.

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