Wednesday: Scouts, Habs, and Illinois Central

Welcome to the Jets96 all Islanders Black jersey post, where we will talk about nothing but how great the Islanders black jerseys were! We'll also discuss why Rick Dipeitro is the greatest Islanders goaltender in league history, the Alexei Yashin trade was worth it, and why Joey MacDonald is the 2nd best Islanders goaltender.

Have I made Phil mad? Very, but I didn't make a pun about "Philing in" for him today, so I'm already doing better than TC, Ben, Ryan...a lot of writers...

Voting this week is the same as what I said on Monday.

Here are the voting bars:

COTW March 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Colour Swatch Competition entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Here are the Colour Swatch Competition entries that have come in since yesterday!

Adam G.

Great stuff, entries are still due THIS Friday at noon EST.

Also remember to check out the HJC stickers and Jersey Casual pages, Redbubble has had a few sales recently (Give YES20 a try) and you always get 25% off when buying 5 stickers and 50% off when buying 10+ so bulk is better and I have picked up a couple of Jersey Causal stickers recently (Leafs 2014 WC & Jets 2016 WC) and having a "Writer's Only" copy of the Turdburger I can assure you these look fantastic.

Also, tell Steve what designs you want to see next!

On with today's 3 concepts!


Kansas City Scouts Concepts (By: Joe D.)

If there's one issue I have with the Scouts original jerseys it was the lack of continuity between the home and road...yes they are exact same patterns but they did not connect. Joe takes a swing at doing so, but keeps some of that Scouts identity. For starters I'm such a huge fan of this KC logo I don't mind the lack of Scout statue roundel as a primary, but I think it's too good not to be a shoulder patch. The striping is well balanced, but I think the blue stands to be thicker on the away if you don't want to include blue in the yokes of cuffs. Then we come to the colour fo the primary logos. It isn't too bad on the road, however I think the better route to go with on the home would have been to use red numbers and a white logo. On top of this, 3 outline numbers would look better

Overall, a decent modernization, taking some risks with the logos and keeping things nice and simple with the striping. However this is a difficult colour scheme to work with and some of the common issues with it come up here


Illinois Central Railway Concept (By: Sook)

Current locomotive livery (railways don't wear jerseys...yet)

Despite this jersey being incredibly plain, it does a good job matching what it is based on. Illinois Central engines are generally speaking black and white with that style of font. I do like the Death Star joke, however I think that while this jersey is accurate, and what I see here is decently executed, there's not much to review. Interesting idea and I think there are lots of unique and stylized locomotives (think of Daylight, Union Pacific, BR, GWR etc.), when a company has an identity like this, it's best to look to the past for designs. Illinois Central used to put giant orange and yellow swooshes and incorporate a lot more white and orange with the black. I think that is something you can work with and create an interesting design. One thing I would edit here, would be to make the font bolder on the back, and try to work with something that resembles a hockey font more so than something used in Word. Check out our templates page where we have lots of number styles available for you to use totally free!

Overall- while accurate, looking for more inspiration in the history of these railway companies may produce a lot more interesting designs, I look forward to seeing more from you, Sook! I hope to review a concept that ties in years of design that works both as a historical reference to railway livery, and a hockey jersey. 


Montréal Canadiens Concept (By: Ben S.)

Is a bleu Habs jersey sacrilege? To some, yes. Do I care? No! This is a really solid and pretty unique version of an unpopular jersey idea. The recoloured logo I think is what would spark the most controversy, but the blue H contrasts very nicely with the white middle chest stripe. The colours are pretty well balanced on this jersey, however the one area that could be improved would be the numbers on the back. The numbers seem to sit much too low with the chest stripe, and thicker outlines would help it stand out, particularly inside the 9. That being said the best part of this jersey would be the socks and arms having matching striping patterns. It reminds me of a simplified version of the Habs Barberpole jerseys from 2008-10. With that, I will say I would have liked to have seen the CAC Leaf logo on the shoulders. 

Overall- Ben's Third Series has been excellent so far, and this week I think it has hit its stride! An excellent version of an unpopular idea that could satisfy traditionalists and modernists alike!

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Sook - as a train buff, I am loving this series. I was thinking of doing something like it, but I never got around to it. I probably will eventually, but these (especially the Burlington Northern one yesterday) have been looking really good. COTW nom

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