Wednesday: PLAYOFFS!

Welcome to Day 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs here at HJC! Tonight we have three games on tap, beginning in Pennsylvania as the cross state rivals do battle in Pittsburgh, as well as Minnesota facing Winnipeg, with both games beginning at 7 pm EST. PHI-PIT will be on NBCSN, CBC and TVAS, except for in the local media markets which will have the regional broadcasts from AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh and NBC Sports Philadelphia (formerly Comcast). MIN-WPG will be on CNBC, Sportsnet and TVAS-2, except for local broadcasts on FS North. The final game will pit the Los Angeles Kings against the Vegas Golden Knights at 10 pm on NBCSN, CBC, TVAS and regional broadcasts from AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain and FS West. GET HYPED!

Well, before you do, get your picks in. If you're reading this after 7 pm, it's too late, but otherwise get your picks in NOW for the HJC Playoff Pool! We are doing this round by round so you only have to make your picks for the first round. Click the tab above for more information.

VOTES: The Color Swatch Competition is in the voting stage. We had only 5 entries, which kind of sucks, but that allows you to pick just one entry to be the winner. No top 3, no top 5, just top 1. Vote now!


 COTW-March vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 COTW March 30 - April 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 Color Swatch vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 


Ben S: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

Holy stripes Batman! Here Ben decides to have a simple theme of two-stripe sets across the jersey, with an exception we'll get to later. I like the chest stripe set and how its matched on the arms. I like the simple thin set on the bottom and how it's matched on the shoulders. I like the yoke stripe and how it molds with a lightning bolt at each end of the stripe. I'm not sure I like all of them together. It seems a bit excessive, The numbers on the back seem a little bit low. One thing I think could make this jersey a bit cooler is to put the TV numbers in between the 1st set of stripes on the sleeves. An interesting idea to create a fauxback look, but I think it does a bit too much in that department.

Rating: 78%

Ben S: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

This concept is a little bit tamer with the stripes, but a little bit better on their use. I'm normally not a fan of wordmark logos on the front of jerseys, but the arched "Toronto" script works beautifully inside that stripe. Choosing to not continue the stripe all the way around was a good idea, especially in a two tone color scheme. The one thing I will question is the hem stripe. If it weren't there, and the chest stripe was lowered on the jersey rather than just under the yoke, I think it would look a bit more uniform with the rest of the jersey, and on top of that, alleviate the empty space between that and the existing hem stripe. The hem stripe however does justify the pattern used on the socks and the pants. Important detail of this jersey readers shouldn't miss: There's a maple leaf inside the arm stripes. A gorgeous little touch to make this jersey better. The idea is here. Just a little finessing and I'm sold.

Rating: 80%

Lucas D: Vancouver Canucks Color Swatch Concept

Lucas sends us his color swatch entry for regular judgement. The green here is just a shade or two darker than the Canucks' existing green, the blue a lot darker and burgundy similar to the first Orca jerseys. Honestly just on it;s own the burgundy provides a nice trim color that I think the Canucks could badly use. I actually like this shade of green a lot with the blue here and I think that's why we see this combination on tie #6 from the Competition (which you should vote for now). I won't give this concept a rating only because it's in an active competition and I don't think that's fair to the other competitors. However below....

Rating: N/R

Lucas D: Vancouver Canucks Concept

... we see the exact same concept but in the regular colors of the Canucks, plus that same burgundy from the tie. It truly is needed badly here, and Lucas provides it as needed. It works just as well with the existing color scheme for the Canucks, and seeing as I already reviewed the previous concept, combine with my mention of the colors of this one, I need not say more.

Rating: 95%

Noah B: Team Nunavut (fictional) Concept

A little background first. The logo is inspired by the Coat of Arms of Nunavut. and the red trim comes from the totem in the provincial flag, the same style totem you see in the logo here (and ironically enough a totem similar to the one that inspired the logo for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics). Blue and gold always work well, even in the case of a bright blue shade you see here. The red trim is a nice accent to the secondary blue. Colors are balanced well. I have to ask though, the nameplate on the back, is that indigenous writing? If so well done.

Rating: 99%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



We had 5 concepts this week. Thank you so much for sending your stuff in. You are what makes this blog what it is. I hope you enjoyed the LIVE podcast yesterday. Unfortunately I missed out because of a prior commitment, but knowing these guys, this podcast was probably nuts.

SOMBER NOTE: To the friends and families of the Humboldt Broncos, my heart goes out to you. The second night after the tragedy, my stick was outside the door. The boys may have needed it, wherever they may be. My condolences belong to you in this time of grieving.

See you next week,
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Unknown said...

Lucas’s Vancouver for COTW.

Ben Shaffer said...

I'll nominate Lucas's non-competition Canucks.

winnipegjets96 said...

Ill 2nd Noah B. for COTW!

The only NHLer from Nunavut is Jordan Tootoo, who has his name on the back of the jersey written in Inuit script, a really solid detail that translates very well to a hockey jersey. This is the kind of creativity I love to see on a jersey! Keep it up, Noah!

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