Wednesday: Good Night, Sweep Tight

Another Wednesday here at HJC so another recap of the week that was.

First, the LA Kings got SWEPT by the Vegas Golden Knights in a series few saw coming. A lot of people including myself doubted the Golden Knights in the playoffs. A lot of people also didn't expect the Kings offense to be non-existent. Think about this for a moment: Jonathan Quick posted an insane .947 sv% in 4 games and he lost all 4 of them. Suffice to say they have a lot of questions that need answering this offseason and one of them might involve a complete rebuild.

Anaheim is down 3-0 to San Jose after an 8-1 shellacking, and face elimination tonight. I guess there's just something in the water in SoCal.

Generally speaking I say that a series isn't moving in a specific direction until the road team loses a game. That's happened in all three games between Columbus and Washington, as the Caps win game 3 in double overtime on basically an own goal by Zach Werenski. Jackets lead 2-1 with game 4 tomorrow.

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia traded road wins in games 2 and 3 with game 4 tonight in Philadelphia, and if the Penguins can win, this series will be just about over as they return to Pittsburgh. A position the Jets are in right now as they can close out the series against Minnesota tomorrow up in Winnipeg up 3 games to 1.

Teams yet to lose at home: Nashville, Colorado, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, New Jersey. All but Boston and Toronto play tonight so maybe we get a change of direction with those match-ups tonight, B's and Leafs tomorrow.

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Matt G:

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Adam G: Boston Bruins Concept

I don't think we can truly call it a de-Edge anymore, since Adidas took over the contract from Reebok and put in the Adizero system. Nonetheless we delve into something away from the usual look from the Bruins, which is a nice idea, until I see that it's a look that reminds me too much of the Penguins. The alternate is a similar style to the Robo-Pen era jerseys that had the diagonal script on the front of the jerseys. The main set is balanced all throughout but the hem striping on the road whites is identical to Pittsburgh, and the arms the reverse of Pittsburgh minus the large chunk of black. As such the home matches the away, which while nice, still makes me think the jersey would be better with Penguins logos on it. Decent idea, wrong team.

Rating: 75%

Adam G: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

Now this set of Maple Leafs De-Zero jerseys (for lack of a better term that isn't de-Edge) are a direct throwback to the Lanny MacDonald Era Leafs jerseys, which is a nice and simple look that fits this team well. logos are updated to today's logos, plus a solid Maple Leaf logo on the shoulders, and socks that match the jersey as opposed to the two stripe socks the original set had. A good look but one that I think has been done enough to warrant trying something new for the Leafs, though it is tougher for Original 6 teams, especially the Leafs.

Rating: 77%

Lucas D: Minnesota Wild Concept

A fairly common motif artists use in designing Wild jerseys here is to look traditional but add a modern touch to the design, which usually involves wither the shooting star from the logo or trees from the logo. Lucas elects to use trees and does a very good job by having trees sitting on a cream stripe against a red background, topped by another cream stripe. Simple, yet modern, creative and effective. And to avoid the cream on white issue on the road white jersey, Lucas keeps the green below the striping set on each of the 4 areas (2 sleeves, hem and socks, which have a simplified pattern without trees) and adds a small green stripe that is about as thick as the cream stripes above the set. The yoke helps balance out the additional green on the road jersey. Only thing I'd recommend is duplicating the home uniform's sock striping pattern onto the pants.

Rating: 97%

The WINNER of my concept of the week nomination is:



May everybody's hockey teams deliver wins tonight. Except the Devils. I'd say "And the Penguins" but I hate them as much as I hate the Flyers so if those two teams can just beat the crap out of each other and wear each other down that would be great. Until Round 2 consider me on the Bruins bandwagon just to spite Ryan. Have a great day and I'll see you next week!
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I’ll second Lucas’s concept for COTW.

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