Tuesday: Yotes, Canes, and 'Hawks

Welcome to the Tuesday post. Sean here filling in for Ben, therefore at this point meaning I have written everyday of the week in my HJC writing career that has been continuous since August 2012 for those curious.

Voting is the same as yesterday: COTW, COTY 1st Quarter, Vote in those now!

Today's St. Andrew's Entries

Dylan T.

Adam G. 1

Adam G. 2

Great stuff! Entries are due Friday @ Noon EST.

On with today's 3 concepts


Arizona Coyotes De-edge/Adizero Concepts (By: Adam G.)

Despite the Coyotes current logo being originally brought in for the 2003-04 season, I hardly associated it with the pre-edge era. I do prefer to CCM jerseys to the original edge jerseys, but these would have been a welcome sight as well. The road I think is the best of the three, as it balances the colours really well and keeps the white and sand isolated. The home is pretty decent, but the tan and white clash a lot to the point where they almost bleed. Finally, the alternate is probably the most interesting of the 3, but the white numbers add unnecessary colour when tan would suit the jersey much more. On top of that, while the logo choices on the main set are perfect, the new A paw print logo would look much more in tune with the current jerseys than the older moon logo. I will say though, this is a really interesting way to try to bring the current jersey back into the pre-edge era, I can see inspiration from this era throughout and it really works.

Overall, a unique vision for the 'Yotes, that proves their current jerseys could have worked in decades past, but is a couple changes from being ideal


Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

You know, I never thought Chicago should ever adopt the arm band look, but after seeing this, I'm a little more certain it would never work full time, but also certain it would work as a concept. The home is simple enough, just a lot more read than their current home due to the lack of continuation of the arm stripe below the yoke. The white I think really shines through, with the increased amount of red it adds something that 'Hawks haven't had since the mid 1940s. It has a sort of nostalgic feel to it, reminds me of a gas station of all things, which is not a bad thing. I will say thought that Adizero collar does NOTHING for the 'Hawks look at all.

Overall, a unique Hawks look, but nothing I'd like to see full time


Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Adam G.)

Carolina is one of the few teams I thought could use a chest stripe, but never did. I like these jerseys on a few levels. The colour balancing is pretty solid, and the amount of white on the red jersey is pretty refreshing for a team that tends to focus on red on black. I know some purists won't like this, but I like the Whalers inspired striping that might also be based on their current road. The logo choices are also solid. One thing I do think these jerseys could benefit from is red pants or at least some red on the pants. Also would like to see some semblance of the hurricane flag pattern on here. I will say though, the racecar style numbers are really nice and something the 'Canes shouldn't full y dump 

Overall- There's a decent alternate here, and thinking back to 2006, this would have been a look that put the 'Canes ahead of the game in the chest stripe craze in the following years

8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

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