Tuesday: And It's Ben Awhile

Since I've written on Tuesdays. Howdy everybody. Steve here covering for Ben Today. I didn't really have time to prepare for a lengthy intro other than Columbus pretty much blew the series and now I'm going to have to watch the blood bath between Pittsburgh and Washington ensue because of it so thanks Columbus.

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Okay let's do this!

Adam G- Florida Panthers
Positives: What's nice about this is that you added more blue into the jersey than what they currently have. Also, it's nice to see a simple three stripe pattern on here. it really brings your eye to the crest logo. Finally, the shoulder patches do a good job of accenting the jersey.
Negatives: While it is a nice and simple design, it really feels like the design, with the three equal stripes on the jerseys, falls flat when it's paired with the logos that you have. I say change it up. Bring back the pointed yoke. do something to make this look less like a pick off the shelf beer league jersey and more like something Florida would be proud to wear!
Overall: C

Adam G- Tampa Bay Lightning
Positives: Thank you for bringing back the first edge logo for the team to use. The Lightning's new logo is too plain. Also, that arm striping and the "Victory stripes" are killer and I'd love to wear a jersey with striping like that. Finally, the black pants with the lightning bolt really pull this off.
Negatives: What mainly bothers me on this design is the hem. You have this great design everywhere but the hem because the hem is just really plain and it doesn't do anything to compliment or help the design in any way, shape, or form. You could have done it as simple as continuing the lighting as angled striping.
Overall: B+

Lucas D- Los Angeles Kings  
Positives: This is a design I can get behind. I say that because, in most cases, doubling purple doesn't work. You, by the grace of god, made it work beautifully with the silver and white to void the logo of any black. The crown logos in the arms are a nice touch as well.
Negatives: My only negatives are the pants because that dark purple just doesn't mesh well with the lighter purple and the Dark jersey having a prominent two tone color scheme. I say that because from a distance it would just look like a plain purple jersey without a significant contrast but some minor changes would fix that.

Okay everybody that's all I got. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys Sunday!
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Alan John Herbert said...

Adam G's Tampa Bay Lightning concept for COTW.

TC Moore said...

I'll second Adam's Bolts concept

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