Sunday: A Writer's Showdown!

Good afternoon everybody. Steve here back with another Sunday post. To those of you that celebrate Easter, happy Easter and to those of you that don't, Happy April Fools Day! I promise their's no jokes in today's post.

It's getting pretty bare here guys. So bare that we have two concepts from our writers today. We need concepts. Any type of hockey concepts will do. If it's bad, take the opportunity to learn from where it should improve. If you can bust out some awesome concepts, please send them our way!

In other news, my favorite team (as well as Justin's and our friend of the show) clinched a playoff spot so we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Also, The Golden Knights retired their first number. They've decided to retire #58 in honor of the 58 victims from the Las Vegas shootings prior to the beginning of the season and the banner that's been raised was truly a class act so Kudos to you Vegas!

Photo Via VGK Twitter
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Okay let's get to the concepts!

Ben S- Illinois Fighting Illini
Positives: Illinois recently went all the way to the ACHA national championship game this year but ended up losing but they had some decent jerseys for looking like Oiler copies. These give the Illini more of a unique identity all to there own with the white hem, cuffs, and yoke on the dark dark jersey as well as the diagonal "ILLINI" script across the chest. Also, the white jersey works as a nice classic style jersey that isn't too understated but not a direct copy as the Navy jersey.
Negatives: I get that you wanted to take the alternate jersey and base it around the recent alternate logo that the Illini have but the design is just too busy. you have the multi-stripe design going on the sides, the yoke, and the cuffs of the jersey and that's way too much of that type design on the jersey. Also, the logo is slightly large for the chest. I suggest looking at Indiana University's D2 red hockey jerseys as an example of using a striping design to succession. It's a perfect balance of multi-striping while giving a nod to a specific design element known to the school.
Overall: 7.5/10

TC Moore- St. Louis Blues 
Positives: The double think striping was a nice choice on the jersey. it's something that's different and unique in the NHL but doesn't look awful on a jersey and really works with the color scheme of the blues. Also, keeping that roundel logo as the alternate but making it the Blue's royal blue was a great design choice.
Negatives: I get that you want to keep the yoke stripes on the jersey but they just don't mesh well on the blue jersey. It just sticks out there and doesn't work as well as the white jersey with the blue yoke. Other than that I have no issues.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Ok everybody that's all I got. Like I said, we need concepts. Have a good rest of the week everybody and I'll see you guys next week!
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Alan John Herbert said...

TC Moore's St. Louis Blues concept for the COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

Ben S for COTW, the alternate is fantastic!

Lucas D. said...

2nd Ben for COTW.

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