Monday: Wakandan Hockey

Welcome to the Monday post!

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This week is the final week to get your entries in for the Colour Swatch competition. We have had a lot of solid entries in so far, considering how unique the rules are I'm very impressed! Let's keep that going and have a strong second week of entries.

Here is the entry that have come in since last post:

Matt G.

Great stuff! Keep 'em coming.

We also have the usual COTW vote running until Friday. TC's two concepts, Calgary and Minnesota, take on half of Noah B's fantastic provincial series so far in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. You decide which from last week you thought was best! Votes are due Friday.

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On with today's two concepts, both movie inspired!


Wakanda Panthers Concept (By: Jeff T.)

Since Wakanda is both the setting for Black Panther and a nation, so hypothetically it's both a IIHF jersey and movie reference. As a jersey it really works. The striping is simple, solid, and the angling on the front stripe makes sense with the shield logo. The colour is decent on the jersey given the team name, but I'd really like to see more purple in here outside the tv numbers and the very subtle amounts on the hem and chest. One of the stand out parts of this concept is the pattern used to match Black Panthers (insert name of material) suit, and it really works. It doesn't remind me too much of something like Black Ice or Cross Check. The numbers look solid too. The Wakandan flag is a nice addition, but without purple it stands out too much. Presentation is fantastic!

Everything I said above applies here but it's better because of what's on the back; an angled chest stripe. I get some people wouldn't care for it but I happen to love it!

Overall, I like both of these, but the little bit of extra detail on the back chest stripe really helps!

Top- 8.75/10
Bottom- 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!


Since today we really did only have one concept done two ways, I would like your guys' help. Below I'm posting an old concept of mine I originally made in 2011 but redid twice with better execution, this version being from 2013-14. I want you to review it, how has it aged?

Give me your thoughts below! Please be as nice or as mean as you want!
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Unknown said...

That concept actually doesn’t look too bad, I’d just eliminate the side panels and it’s good to go as an alternate.

John E. said...

2nd Wakanda #2 for COTW

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