Monday: The Pink & the Penn

Welcome to another Monday post!

If you haven't already, listen to episode 27 of the HJC Podcast. We talk more logo changes, compare two of the better jersey updates in the past few seasons, some Fake or Authentic, the Mailbag, the usual stuff you know and love! Also listen to hear who won the limited edition HJC Turdburger inspired Jersey Casual sticker!

Listen to "HJCP-027 - Bad Logos to Good Logos" on Spreaker.

In exciting news, HJC will be hosting its first LIVE PODCAST as part of our playoff festivities. Listen right after the Sportsnet & TSN playoff previews end to get the REAL EXPERT OPINIONS you won't hear anywhere else! Ryan, Ben & I will be going through every match up, give our picks, and find out who we think is going to win it all! It's all going on Tuesday, April 10th (that's tomorrow) at 10pm EST, so don't forget it!

While you're thinking about the playoffs, don't forget to enter the HJC Playoff Pool. It's a just for fun way to get your playoff picks in and get bragging rights for the rest of May & June until we all turn our attentions to the new 3rd jerseys. Your picks are due before puck drops in the first game!

Voting this week is simple. We have the COTW March and weekly COTW votes that can be found on the side of the blog. We also have the Colour Palette Competition in its voting phase, where you only have to vote for the best one! Get your votes in, all due Friday @ Noon EST!

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On with today's concepts!


Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Ben S.)

The Penguins rarely call back on their 60s jerseys, but I'd never thought I'd see a concept that could pull off that look in the current colour scheme. The script looks excellent and vintage, though it clashes with the more modern penguin logo. I would have preferred to see a recoloured version of the scarfed Penguin. The P logo on the helmet doesn't really do much for me, other than make it feel like something the Wheeling Nailers would do to tie in the Pittsburgh Pirates; I would have used the City of Champions logo. The striping and colour balancing is really solid here, especially with the drop shadowed numbers that find a way to look unique while doing something a division rival has been doing for decades. One thing some may not like is the Pens using a Flyers style black name bar. My solution to that would be to extend the yoke like what Carolina did/does with their white.

Overall- a unique Pittsburgh yellow jersey that is a couple changes away from being a near perfect fauxback and something the team could consider.


Aurora Tigers OJHL Pink the Rink Concept (By: Brooks F.)

First and foremost, congrats on getting your concept made into reality! Brooks here not only has this to add to his resume, but his goalie mask design won the Boston Pizza World Jrs. design competition. As a pink the rink design this is really interesting, and I like how it's not their normal jersey. Pink is a colour that lends itself well to gradient. I will say a lot of the design here is over the tope, and the crowded logo normally would not work, but here, for one night and a good cause, it's all good!

Overall, it won't get my COTW Nom because I don't think it's necessary to nominate concepts that were made into real jerseys, and frankly, that's a bigger honour to see a design come to life. It's a great design, what I've come to expect from Brooks, and I'm glad Aurora gave him the chance to design it! Thanks for sharing


Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Ben S.)

I didn't think I'd ever see the Flyers in candy striper like arms, but it's not the worst thing they could wear. As is, I really like where the orange is, but I've never been a fan of black Flyers jerseys with lots of white. It does fit with their jersey history. The oversized yoke works well with the logo. I also like the inverted socks, it adds a lot to the modern design. The numbers on the back might be a bit small and I think adding some black to the collar instead of making it part of the oversized yoke would work better.

Overall, a unique design that calls on the Flyers of the 2000s that adds something new, and with some changes this would be an amazing concept!

8.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

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Dave said...

Somehow it took me this long to realize that Ben's logo on his concepts isn't a stickman holding hands with the Great Lakes.

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