Monday: Blues, Black, and Bugs

Welcome to the Monday post!

I haven't really talked much about my thoughts on the playoffs, namely due to finishing the last few exams of my undergrad degree at Dalhousie, and of course watching said playoff games. Here are my thoughts both in terms of visuals and actually watching the series:

WPG v. MIN- Beautiful series, beautiful result
NSH v. COL- If only Nashville wore last year's jerseys this year, I do like Nashville's current white jerseys more and more, but those rain coats only look decent in the full gear
SJS v. ANA- Decent looking series, but usually only in San José as the lack of teal on the white Sharks jersey hurts it, also glad to see the Ducks eliminate early
LAK v. VGK- Oh LA why couldn't you end Vegas?! A well fought series, but one of the most boring series. Neither team looks bad, but there's never a game I sit there and say "wow, gorgeous"

TOR v. BOS- Another traditional O6 series, classic and looks solid, Go Leafs Go!
TBL v. NJD- Sucks New Jersey couldn't pull off the upsets, and overall a series where both teams could have been in dark jerseys
PIT v. PHI- Wish the Flyers could have pulled off the upset. I'd much prefer the Flyers and Pens wear non-throwbacks but the fans of both teams thing I'm VERY wrong for that!
CBJ v. WSH- I keep liking Columbus's jerseys more and more, and Washington's less and less as the series goes on. Breadman continues to be Breadman, and I'd love to see CBJ get their first series win ever!

Voting this week is pretty simple, we have the usual COTW vote and that's it! Easy enough, look at the concepts in the COTW tab or on the side of the blog right next to the post. Votes as always are due on Friday at noon EST!

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Here are the St. Andrew's College Jersey Design Competition entries that have come in since last post! You have under THIS Friday, April 26th @ Noon EST!

Great stuff! Be sure to look at the rules and what St. Andrew's is requesting. This is not the usual contest as your jersey design could be worn by a real hockey team who is willing to send you a copy of your jersey! Pretty sweet eh?!

COTW April 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
St. Andrew's College jersey entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

On with todays' 3 concepts!

Columbus Blue Jackets De-Adizero Concepts (By: Adam G.)

Columbus's original logos are something I've always liked, and while we don't see the original stars and CB crossed over with a stick J, we do get a lot of what I liked. Lots of navy is something I like seeing, particularly without the big red cuffs from the original. The addition of Stinger on the shoulders is fantastic and I'd love to see him return to the shoulders today. Furthermore, the increase in volt green looks amazing. I know a lot of traditionalists won't like it but, I sure do. There's a lot from the current jerseys kept on these as well, including the major lack of white on the home jersey, the number style from the previous alternate, and the sock style. I will say I would have liked to see that very subtle bee striping mentioned on last week's podcast (which you can listen to here on the blog). There's been a constant debate as old as the team as to whether the Blue Jackets should wear red or blue pants, but I would go with simple red pair with blue cuffs around the leg. 

A nice mashup of Blue Jackets eras, and taking a call back to something we should have seen in 2000 with the volt green is an interesting take, and one I would like to see today


St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

I will say, this is a gorgeous Blues update, and another fantastic combination of eras. The guitar string style striping is similar to that of the 90s Gretzky jerseys, with the amount of yellow from the later 70s jerseys, and the amount of lighter blue and blue yokes of the 60s and early 70s jerseys. The popularity of the 2017 Winter Classic jersey and its possible return next season makes me thing Blues fans are ready for a singular blue (in the most part) jersey. The shoulder patch is the best choice of the Blues shoulder patch history by far. My critiques are minor, namely that the Adidas collar could use an increase in yellow on the home and adding some white to it. Other than that, I've got little to say other than fantastic work.

A great Blues jersey that acts both as a fauxback and a modernization of several trends that are done in such a way that feels completely natural

10/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Adam G.)

For those who don't know, Vancouver has had a lot of jerseys in their history. Combining the Johnny Canuck alternate shoulder patch with the Skate on a plate logo is an interesting idea. I do like the increase in red on the black jersey, but there isn't enough black on the white jersey without the gear to make it work. It does fit with the colour balancing of the era however. I will also say that the current Canucks numbers might work better here.

Overall, a decent idea, but colour balancing hurts an otherwise decent look


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TC Moore said...

I'll second Lucas D.'s Blues for COTW

Geoff said...

I sure hope the Blues do something different than Adidasize the Winter Classic jersey for their alternate. It was good for the game and to use the rest of their 50th anniversary season but should be kept as a special jersey and not promoted to a subpar alternate. Give me something new and unique. Hopefully they don't do something like use the logo I've seen on a few items in their store lately that is an arch with a B under it. It's ok but a huge downgrade from the arch with the note. I wouldn't mind seeing the horn logo used as a primary. Some teams really should look at using some of their amazing secondary logos as primary on their alternates. Chicago, San Jose (fin) Dallas, and Nashville are prime examples

Anonymous said...

Love the Blues concept! A great mix of different eras. And I love the return to one shade of lighter blue. The navy really dulls the current jersey down.

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