Friday: Five for Fighting

Hey y'all, and welcome to another Friday post here at HJC.  As most of you are already no doubt aware of, yesterday was "Jersey Day" across Canada, and indeed much of the world.  This poignant gesture served as a day of remembrance for the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.  Even the Ontario Legislature donned sweaters in tribute to the young men that lost their lives far too early.

While I'm not usually one to champion causes or make public displays of solidarity, I too participated in jersey day, and not just because I have a jersey collection that makes tributes like this much easier to participate in.  I participated because as tragic as this event was, it also serves as a reminder of what makes hockey so special.  When the news broke, the hockey community mourned as one.  There were no rivalries, no divisions, no playoff hopes that divided any of us.  We came together as a community and paid our respects in the wake of a horrible accident that rocked our sport.  That, I believe, is what makes hockey so unique among sports.  At the end of the day, even when the unthinkable happens, we are more than just players, coaches, and fans.  We're a family.

In voting news, we have the regular COTW vote for April 6-12, with polls closing Friday at noon EST.  We also have the St. Andrews College Redesign Competition going on, with entries due Friday, April 27 at noon EST.

  COTW April 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
St. Andrew's College Redesign Competition (entries due Friday, April 27 @ noon EST)


Now on to today's concepts!

Harry B.- Cleveland Bandits

Our first design of the day is Harry B.'s design for the fictional Cleveland Bandits.  I really like the orange and black color scheme, it;s a great combination that nearly always works well.  I also like the decision to use orange as the the main color on the home uniform, I think it pops a lot more than a black jersey would.  While I do like the idea of a simple striping pattern for this set, it lacks continuity, as there is a different pattern on the arms, hem, and socks.  There's way too much going on, just pick one striping pattern and use it across the set.  As for the main crest, I think it would work better if the orange and black were swapped, as it is it's sort of hard to distinguish exactly what the logo is trying to depict.  The alternate is a great modern look for the team, but I'm not exactly sure what the star and crescent moon logo has to do with the Bandit identity.  On a final note, I'm never really a huge fan of using NHL uniform creator to design concepts, the image never looks quite as good as actual concepts, and it doesn't offer as much room for creativity.  Going forward, I would say maybe try to use editing software to make a design of your own.  Final verdict: a decent design, but inconsistent striping and presentation bring it down.  6.5/10

Justin B.- Pittsburgh Penguins

Next up is our very own Justin B. with a design for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I really like the extended yoke on this design, and the angled striping really gives the Pens a more modern look.  I've never considered a black yoke for the Pens before, but it looks sharp and really helps the color balance.  I've never been a fan of half-sleeve striping, but I don't think there's any other way to go when it's combined with that yoke.  I only have two real problems with this set; the dreaded split-collar that's become so popular in the Adizero era, and the hem striping on the away set.  With the black at the bottom, it kind of just blends into the breezers, and ends up looking a little too bare.  Gear looks great, and presentation is fantastic as well.  Final verdict: a good looking modern set for the Pens, but nothing I'd like to see replace their current unis.  7.5/10

Noah B.- Team Quebec

Our next concept of the day is the latest entry in Noah B.'s Canadian provinces series, this one representing Team Quebec.  The chest stripe works fantastically with the flag motif, and the Fleur-de-Lis in the striping really drives that theme, and the province's identity, home.  The use of the coat of arms as a main crest works really well, and the chest stripe complements it perfectly.  The numbers are treated well, but I think that font is a little too modern for a more traditional looking design.  Other than that, my only suggestion would be to maybe outline the crest in white on the blue jersey, as the top of the crest somewhat blends in to the base of the jersey.  Final verdict: another great entry in an intriguing series.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Steve M.- Boise State Broncos

Next up is the first of two entries today by our Sunday writer Steve M., this one being for the Boise State Broncos.  I really like the striping on this set, it looks like two distinct patterns, but it's actually the same design with a little background color added on the dark jersey.  The orange yoke on the dark jersey looks great, and it makes me wish there was a blue one on the white jersey instead of the phantom yoke.  While I'm not usually a fan of mismatched main crests, it actually works pretty well here, and is somewhat more acceptable for a club hockey team.  While I do appreciate the bold design choice of the colored name plate on the white jersey, I think the blue and orange don't contrast well enough, and the name would be unreadable from a distance.  On a final note, I really wish you'd included the gear with this one, as gear can really make or break a set's color balance.  Final verdict: a good look for the Broncos, but the lack of gear pulls this one down.  8/10

Steve M.- New Orleans Privateers

Our final concept of the day is Steve M.'s design for the University of New Orleans Privateers.  I've always loved UNO's logo, the fleur-de-lis-esque Pirate head has always seemed like a really neat and unique design to me.  I really like the dark jersey, it's got a great striping pattern and it incorporates the team's color scheme really well.  Font choice works great with the Privateer identity, and I'm always a sucker for double blue.  You lose me at the white jersey, however.  given that the dark jersey uses the entire color scheme, it perplexes me that the white one eliminates half of the colors used on the other jersey.  While I do like the chest stripe with that logo, it bothers me that it stops at the side panels.  I know that it won't really matter on the ice, but it still looks odd to me.  I also would have probably added blue to the hem, as the jersey looks pretty bare on the bottom half.  Once again, it would have been nice to see some gear with this set.  Final verdict: a good looking dark jersey, but the white one looks like it should be part of a completely different set.  7/10

That's all for me this week, see y'all next Friday!
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Noah B for COTW, I like how it doesn't just resort to using the Fleur de Lis as a primary

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