Wednesday: NHL Only

Another Wednesday here at HJC which means another post from me, your good friend (or mortal enemy) Phil. Glad to have you back with us here today.

With the reorganization of the ECHL set for next year, it's unfortunate that our good friends over with the Quad City Mallards are closing up shop. They had one of the better brands in the ECHL and they will be missed. But with that comes the news that St. John's is getting a team back, filling the void left by the IceCaps when that franchise moved to Laval. Check back here when things begin to leak and when things are officially unveiled for that.

THE SEASON: Playoffs are here and without a moment passed, Aurora is eliminated. That's what happens when you don't send in your entries in. Interesting matchups all around, so I'm looking forward to a great final. But let this be a bit of advice to everyone: Send your stuff in. Doesn't matter if its a comp entry or just a regular blog entry. You don't have a chance to win anything if you don't make the effort to send in your stuff. Once you send it in, you already have a chance for greatness here at HJC.


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John E: Vancouver Canucks Concept

A couple of things we all want to see from a Canucks alternate jersey for the future: 1) a green jersey and 2) Johnny Canuck as the primary logo. One execution note I need to point out is that the Stick in the Rink logo you have on the shoulders and pants is reversed, because the other way around it creates a C shape (C for Canucks) inside the "rink", and if reversed, that's lost. I like the idea of including grey in this, since it's prevalent throughout the entire logo scheme the Canucks use today, but I'm not sure how best to use it, since it looks a bit awkward here. Otherwise a clean jersey that is a step beyond the basics.

Rating: 73%

Matt G: Ottawa Senators Concept

Matt reinvents the Senators branding by adopting a shield logo with an O inside on a half-and-half background of red and black, with the border between the two curved. I like that logo idea. It's a retro-style idea that refers back to the Silver Seven era, yet it's completely new. The striping pattern is fantastic across the first three jerseys, plus a throwback to the '92 Sens with the newer profile logo the Sens criminally under-utilize. Personally I've never been a fan of vintage white but it works well with every jersey except that first alternate. I'd love to see a red jersey in its place. The numbers on the alternate and home should be swapped in color to allow for better visibility.

Rating: 89%

TC Moore: Anaheim vs Florida Fauxback Concept

Now here is a complete fauxback between two teams that were both expansion teams in 1993. And while I get the idea that you want to make it look like a 1920s style concept, you could've totally gotten away with a jade number outline on the Anaheim concept if only to be consistent with the logo. I also think truly arching the "Florida" wordmark in the logo would've been a better look, because although its a fauxback to the 20s, it's still very rough, though I do enjoy the script F. As for the jerseys themselves, I love the Panthers jersey. I still maintain the idea that a thin sash like this could work on an NHL jersey today. The shield placement is perfect. The Ducks concept seems pretty consistent with the design idea of the 20s which was "ALL THE STRIPES".

Rating: 87%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That will do it for me here this week. Don't forget to exercise your right to vote here at HJC. We have three of them this week. And send in your concepts. I'd love to see what you put out there. See you next week!
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John E. said...

Oh man that’s an embarrassing error on my part. I’m not even sure how that happened :(

Ben Shaffer said...

I'll nominate TC for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd TC for COTW, he made a Might Ducks of Anaheim jersey with an MD primary logo that I actually like!

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