Wednesday: Let's Speculate

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday post here at HJC. A while ago Greg Wyshynski reported that the NHL was going to see 24-26 teams wear an alternate jersey next year and that there would be a mix of old designs and new designs. If it is indeed 26, the 5 teams that I think won't have one are Detroit, New Jersey, Toronto, Montreal and

So with today being a day with a low number of concepts, I have a challenge for you: Design a third jersey. And make sure it's a completely new idea. I know that there will be some old designs and I expect the Rangers, Sabres and Sens to carry over their outdoor game jerseys to next year at minimum. So make some designs and make them original. Send them in and share your ideas to us.

CELEBRATION! THE METROPOLITAN RIVETERS ARE ISOBEL CUP CHAMPIONS! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RIVETERS (and congrats to former HJC contributor Dylan Nowak aka Wonka and the Buffalo Beauts on a hard fought game). The Riveters won 1-0 on an increadible, Bobby Orr-esque goal from Alexa Gruschow midway through the first period.

The Metropolitan Riveters celebrate with the Isobel Cup after a 1-0 victory against the Buffalo Beauts. (Photo courtesy of the NWHL)
(Photo Credit: NWHL)

In addition, congratulations to the Markham Thunder on defeating Kunlun Red Star in the Clarkson Cup Final.

COMPETITION: We have 8 sweet old school neckties that we want you to choose from and make a jersey from it. Just take the color picker tool on whatever program you are using, select a color from the tie and go from there. A lot of creativity to be had in this comp so get that done.


 COTW March 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 Colour Swatch Competition entries (due Friday, April 6 @ noon ET) 


TC Moore: Nashville Predators Concept

The Nashville Predators have an interesting color scheme, because it's the only blue-and-yellow-colored team to have yellow as their dominant color, whereas Buffalo and St. Louis both use a blue dominant scheme (St. Louis with two shades of blue). However while we do see the dominant gold on the dark jersey, we don't see as much of it on the road whites, only one thin stripe within each set of stripes, the collar and font trim. The alternate is gorgeous but while the retro font fits, it would be cooler to have the font match the style of the NP logo with a thicker blue outline and some serifs on the outside of each number 5.

Rating: 82%

Noah B: Team Newfoundland (Provincial Concepts) Concept

Noah tries to mash together the color scheme of the Newfoundland flag with the shield from the provincial coat of arms. A great idea to bring two symbols of the province into one concept. Simple pattern but a key detail is having the yellow in between the red stripes, as the flag is patterned similarly. If the gold on the coat of arms shield logo was the same color yellow as the flag, I think this would be a perfect concept.

Rating: 97%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



That concept gives me another idea: Battle of the 50 States. Each state gets a concept. Maybe keep Long Island separate from the rest of New York but that's a decision for later. Maybe it's an idea for you too. Send in your concepts and see how they stack up against other artists and with that I'm signing off. See you next week!
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Noah B for COTW

Team Newfoundland & Labrador Roster

GM- Bob Cole (St. John's)
Coach- Darryl Williams (Labrador City)

C- Jason King (Corner Brook), Luke Adam (St. John's), Alex Faulkner (Bishop's Falls), Harold Druken (St. John's)
RW- Michael Ryder (Bonavista), Teddy Purcell ( St. John's), Dwayne Norris (St. John's), Sarah Davis (Paradise)
LW- Dan Cleary (Carbonear), Ryane Clowe (Fermeuse), Colin Greening (St. John's), Terry Ryan (St. John's)
D- Adam Pardy (Bonavista), Brad Brown (Baie Verte), Chris Owens (St. John's), Keith Brown (Corner Brook), John Slaney (St John's), Dave Pichette (Grand Falls)
G- Doug Grant (Corner Brook), Dan LasCosta (Labrador City)

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