Thursday: Who's Yer Father?

Welcome to the Thursday post!

Sean here filling in for Justin as it's that time of the year for university students where assignments are due, exams are on the horizon, and of course, the year is almost over. With this being my last semester at Dalhousie before graduation in June, my schedule is a little lighter than usual. None the less, good luck with your last month or so of studies.

Voting is the same today as it was Monday. If you have yet to vote in the COTW vote, not sure what you're waiting for but today is your last full day to vote. Votes are due Friday @ Noon EST!

Let's look at some of the Colour Pallet Contest entries that have come in since last post:

Ben S.

John E.

Lucas D.

Great stuff! Entries are due NEXT Friday @ Noon EST, so you have plenty of time to work on your entries/ Be sure to read all the rules!

 COTW March 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 Colour Swatch Competition entries (due Friday, April 6 @ noon ET) 

Redbubble, the site we host the JerseyCasual store on, is having a sticker sale this weekend, where they will be $2.88 USD, and the same buy 10 get them 50% deal applies here. So if you want something cool to put on the back of your laptop, stop by the Jersey Casual shop this weekend!

Also don't get the regular HJC stickers available on eBay, and keep an eye early next week on the HJC Official Twitter (@HockeyJC) to see how you can win a free one!

We are coming up on the day to record Episode 26 of the HJC Podcast, so if you want your question(s) answered from the mailbag please submit it before 8pm EST on Friday to ensure we get it in time before recording begins!

On with today's 2 concepts, see I wasn't kidding about there being a drought of concepts, so please send us more as two is not enough!


Team PEI Concepts (By: Noah B.)

Current look- Despite not having a provincial pro hockey team, the curling teams for the Scotties and Tim Hortons Brier usually wear green, white and black, similar to Saskatchewan!

While I'm a bit concerned at how similar these jerseys look to a couple of European IIHF jerseys (namely Hungary and Belarus), there's a lot to like here. The rounded font goes nicely with the curves of the PEI provincial crest, and adds a level of uniqueness. The pattern on the hem is taken from the boarder of the PEI flag, and it looks fantastic here. I especially like the way the pattern is done between the home and road. My problems with this concept almost entirely have to do with the red jersey. The lack of green, while I appreciate trying to avoid the Christmas colour scheme problem, there could stand to be more green on the yoke or even green pants?! One minor change I would put in almost immediately would be a green collar to stand out on the red yoke. 

Overall, a solid look for a province with lots of character and unique details, but some improvements would really make this concept shine. 9/10

As with Team Nova Scotia, here is my ideal Team PEI, obviously I had to take liberties, so I'm allowing players born in PEI who grew up else where and vice versa, namely Rick Vaive and Steve Ott.

GM- Doug Maclean (Summerside)
Coach- Gerard Gallant (Summerside)

C- Steve Ott (Summerside), Brad Richards (Murray Harbour), Josh Currie (Charlottetown)
RW- Rick Vaive (Charlottetown), Al MacAdam (Morell)
LW- Brett Gallant (Summerside), Ross Johnston (Charlottetown)
D- Kent Paynter (Summerside), Nathan McIver (Summerside), Bob Stewart (Charlottetown), Brandon Gormley (Murray River), Mark Flood (Charlottetown)
G- Drew Macintyre (Charlottetown), Gary Simmons (Charlottetown)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: TC Moore) 

I'm not sure if everyone has the same love of the Skate on a Plate logo that I do, and that entire colour scheme as a whole, but this concept is one of the best modern integrations of this colour scheme I've seen in a white. The striping is simple enough, and has the subtle angles necessary to give the Vs everyone love. The pants are probably the best place for an outright V to be on the kit, and this looks great. I am surprised, I normally wouldn't like this colour scheme on other era's logos, but here the Johnny Canuck V loos fantastic. The font here, I'm not sure if I prefer it to the Canucks' current typeface, but it's far from bad. My one issue comes on the gloves, I think lis is more with the red and yellow on the gloves, and solid off-black gloves with subtle hints of red and yellow would look better.

Overall, this alternate would make for a fantastic fauxback, and something worth considering as the Canucks unveil an alternate next season and the already known popularity after the Canucks wore the actual 90s jerseys as throwbacks a few seasons ago. 9.5/10 COTW Nom from me! 

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