Thursday: Deja Vu

Welcome back folks, this is Tuesday writer Ben S. back at it again. Two days ago, I reviewed an NHL concept from Lucas, a marching band crossover from Noah, and an All-Star jersey from Ryan. Today, I review an NHL concept from Lucas, a marching band crossover from Noah, and an All-Star jersey from Ryan. So... yeah. Let's get to it, but first, let's take care of voting.

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Lucas D.- Detroit Red Wings

Lucas takes my beloved team and axes the perfection I mean, re-envisions the Red Wings in a slightly different set up. With the original six, it's best not to reinvent the wheel (bah-dum, tss) and play it conservatively, but to make a worthwhile submission, add you own, personal touch. Lucas likes off-color upper arm sleeves, and it's befitting here. The design matches the current look, but Lucas mixes the pattern up with one that compliments the logo really well. The thinner stripes inside the thicker stripes match the spokes in the tire surprisingly well. With the new stripe pattern on the jersey, it follows that the pants stripes should be similar, for consistency. A minor note on execution, I would lower the numbers on the back to give the nameplate more breathing room, especially since it's arched.

Grade: B+

Noah K.- Jersey Surf (Drum Core International crossover)

Noah continues his interesting DCI series, today for Jersey Surf. This set just screams 90's, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. Sure, it's a strong theme that's been carried well throughout the design, but it's also dated, and starting to fade away into irrelevance. The wave stripes go well with the logo, but that yoke doesn't. Even adding more color would help it match the design better. We're all suckers for double blue here at HJC, so there's no complaints on that from me. The font doesn't quite match the set, and isn't much befitting for a hockey jersey, either.

Grade: C-

Ryan H.- Metropolitan Division (2019 All Star Game at San Jose)

I reviewed Ryan's look for the Atlantic on Tuesday, and most of the comments apply to today's, though I do like today's much more. The gradient doesn't create the same balancing issue, and the darker pants support in that regard.

Grade: C-

My COTW nomination goes to Lucas D's Detroit Red Wings. I'm picky when it comes to teams I'm a fan of, so my hat's off to Lucas for creating a set I enjoyed to review. That's all the fun I have for the week. Thanks for tolerating me twice in one week, and keep your stick on the ice.
Thursday: Deja Vu Reviewed by Ben Shaffer on March 08, 2018 Rating: 5


Geoff said...

Red Wings are in dire need of a redesign. It's a simple change but would be the drastic change needed. Get rid of the horse and wagon wheel and change it to a realistic wheel that goes on a car. After all its the motor city. I could think of about 8 different wheel designs that can be used that would change their logo to epic. Then get Chip Foose to design them an alternate jersey

TC Moore said...

I'll second Lucas' Wings for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 3rd Lucas D.

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