Monday: Lots of Stripes

Welcome to the Monday post! 

If you missed it today, I wrote a story about a jersey I had recently customized with some excellent results! You can read about it here.

We have new Jersey Casual designs. For fans of the Original 6, we have the 1992 NHL 75th Anniversary alternates, including the popular Detroit Cougars and Chicago Barberpole alternates. After some demand, we also have some non-NHL teams for those of you from Non-NHL markets who still go Jersey Casual with your local team. We have the one year wonder Moncton Alpines of the LMJHQ, the original Brett Hart Calgary Hitmen jerseys, famous for hot pink and flame arms, the IHL Manitoba Moose beloved green jerseys, the quirky Iowa C.H.O.P.S of recent fame, the Cleveland Lumberjacks peak 90s jerseys, and the gorgeous green Halifax Mooseheads alternate worn by a few of today's NHL stars such as Ehlers, Mackinnon, Drouin etc.

We also have the HJC stickers, that you can win one for free if you listen to this week's podcast and follow us on Twitter @hockeyjc

Voting this week is quite simple, we have the usual COTW vote and the best of February going head to head in the COTW February vote

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COTW-February vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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On with today's 3 concepts, I'm trying a new review style today, and I hope you like it! I'd appreciate you giving me some feedback in the comments if you like long form or short form reviews! 


Vintage Classic CLM v. MIN Concepts (By: TC Moore)

I really like this set idea from TC here. However, I do feel of all the teams, these are two of the harder ones as neither team existed outside of idea in the past century. What TC does benefit from is both Minnesota and Ohio having deep hockey history dating back to eras where these work. The logo on the Minnesota jersey is really strong, I like that it calls on the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and a lot of the colours work here, except for that weird beige stripe. It gives the sense of blurriness between the course, and while it might be a little bit too close to the Montréal barber pole jerseys, I would have preferred a beige stripe. Columbus has the opposite problem. The double blues play off each other really nicely here and the beige numbers are just enough of that colour for me to be satisfied. The problem comes with the logo. Vertical logos hardly work in hockey and while it is not bad, it looks more like a broken chain more than anything else. I would have (and call it sacrilege) gone with a more a New York Rangers/Colorado Avalanche vertical style of script logo. However, this game here would be a gorgeous example of a colour on colour.

Overall, I would be happy with the Blue Jackets rocking these, and with some simplifying, this would be a fantastic example of a fauxback game!

Rating: 8.5/10

Creighton Blue Jays NCAA Concepts (By: Chris W.)

Current Uniforms- Leafs copies

Creighton went from having one of the worst NCAA logos to one of the best in 2013, and yet we really only see them in baseball/basketball. The jerseys here are what I would call Blackhawks inspired. The cuffs and layout of the dark colours, including the yoke makes me thing Blackhawks, but the details say otherwise. The striping within get two navy stripes is Creighton's own, though could benefit fro some white in the stripes on the road. The numbers here have that NASCAR style to them, but the Ducks style points make them look a lot less dated.  The alternate is simple enough, it fits that college style alternate a lot of people will like, myself included, but is probably my least favourite of the 3 as that style alternate works for almost any time. Nice logo choices, including the school seal. One problem with this presentation is the back of the left arm being on top of the logo on the home jersey. That being said the rest of the concept is really well laid out.

A vast improvement over what is currently worn, and something I'd like to see introduced...now!

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

Florida Panthers Alternate Concept (By: TC Moore)

Since getting a Florida Panthers jersey from a good friend of mine, the idea of a navy jersey has grown on me a lot. I've never loved the idea of the Panthers wearing navy full time, but as an alternate it works. I like the colour balancing here, keeping the gold and white completely separate. however there is a bit of bleeding between the gold and red, which might benefit from some white being used there. Logo choices are solid, but seeing the sun patch in darker gold kind of hurts. The current primary would make a better shoulder patch, while putting that beloved should patch on the helmet might be a better idea. I also thing the current number would be used here, as the days of Florida being a boring block font team. That being said this would go beautifully with their current set, and something we should expect next season!

While it would be temping to bring in the triangle yoked 2005-06 home jerseys, these have a lot of elements that work better in the Adizero era, but is not my perfect Panthers navy alternate.

Rating: 8/10

Monday: Lots of Stripes Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on March 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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