Monday: Kraken Open Some Concepts

Puns aside, welcome to the Monday post!

For those curious, I picked Michigan State and Kansas to play for the Midwest crown and the winner of that to win March Madness....and then Syracuse beat the Spartans, but (in the words of Wilbon) MY BOYS, the Jayhawks, are gonna take it!

Voting this week, pretty simple! You have the COTW vote for the week, where it's a 4 way match between Christian L.'s Krakens concepts, Ryan's Team Scrivens concepts, TC's 1993 expansion fauxback match up concept, and Chris W.'s Creighton Blue Jays concepts.

There is also The Season Final! Vancouver takes on Orlando (make your own joke about the Canucks playing like an ECHL team at times this season). Two really solid concepts, it's a tough choice, but it's yours to make this week...well a small part of it anyways!

Stay tuned following The Season Final vote closing, for our next contests (it's a secret, so you'll just have to be patient).

As mentioned on the HJC Podcast, which you should all be listening to, we have two new sets of Jersey Casual Designs! For Original 6 fans, we have 1991-92 throwback designs from the NHL's 75th anniversary celebrations. For those of you in Non-NHL markets, we have designs for you as well, adding some of our favourite minor league (AHL-CHL) designs.

There is also the HJC stickers you can look at in the shop tab along with the Jersey Casual designs. Don't want to pay for one? You can win a FREE HJC sticker by RETWEETING a specific tweet from @HockeyJC coming later this week to help promote the podcast! It's that simple, then listen to the Podcast on Saturday to hear our winner. Last week's winner was Jeff T.!

If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, find it here!
We also need more concepts! Getting down to 3-4 a day is not where we want to be, so please, send in your concepts! Get your friends to make concepts!

COTW March 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Final vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Now, on with today's 4 concepts:


Seattle Krakens Concept (By: Hayden D.)

Logos- I have to say, I think a Kraken is a squid, not sure, but the logo is I think very obviously based on a Giant Pacific Octopus...and I kind of prefer it that way. I really like the shape of the primary logo, and how it mixes both the team name and landmarks of the local area, namely the Space Needle. That being said the colour balancing on the space needly doesn't really do it for me, in that there should be more detail outside the script. However, I will say the Golden Knights logo had the same issue and that was corrected on the jersey itself. Now this next party is totally preference, but tentacle S logos never do it for me. I know a lot of you will like it, and it's very well made, but it's just not for me, particularly with the rope outline that makes me think more Boston than Seattle. Still, full credit for making these logos, well made logos at that, and certainly worth considering if Seattle does go with this name.

Overall- well made, a lot to like, and any gripes I have are preferential. 9/10

Jersey- I do wish the home jersey had been included here, as colour balancing would be key to making this set work. On the other hand, there's a lot to like about this jersey. The colours are well laid out, particularly the sparing but proper use of the dark green. The jersey avoids what I'm going to call the Steve from Blues Clues effect, even on the arms. The presentation is good, but the way the numbers are laid out, while technically not wrong, makes it look like it says 1717 or are sewn not eh front of the arms. Ditto can be said about the shoulder patches, but that I think is more understandable. Execution note- the inside of the jersey under the collar should match the colour of the yoke; here it is white, but it should be light green to match the yoke.

Overall- A new look to the NHL, a new colour scheme, but also a design that fits into what Adidas is trying here. 8/10

COTW Nom from me!

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Ryan HJC.)

Despite the striping being VERY similar to the Blackhawks, I do like this jersey a lot. The main reason being that a red leaping panther on a red jersey just looks nice. Even the worst of those jerseys (2006-07 Alternate) still looked great. The logo placement with teh shoulder patches is also really excellent it works quite a bit/ That being said the duller colours don't really do it for me. Even in the 1998-2015 colour scheme, darker gold was used to a lesser extend because it blends into the red. It's s simple fix, just brighten either the red or gold. I'm also not huge on the blank pants, simply putting the Panthers primary logo would look great. That being said, Ryan does know how to use the adidas collar to his advantage.

Overall- A welcome alternate that calls back on the Panthers past great jerseys, but not quite a home run that makes me want the team to use it. 8.25/10

Sacred Heart Pioneers NCAA Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

Current Jerseys: Red Wings with a dash of silver  with an arched Sacred Heart script

I will say that Taylor REALLY KNOWS how to design college jerseys, and this is no exception. While I do enjoy Sacred Hearts' primary logo with the pioneer head, the SHU logo works pretty well too. That being said (and this is coming from me) I do not like the addition of dark grey outside the pants. I get that it differentiates it from the SSM Greyhounds, but the grey pants do that just enough I think. I like that Taylor has kept the Red Wings style striping with much more detail, but I would have put red in the cuffs area rather than the Red style. That being said, the one helmet thing really works here!

Overall- Massive improvement, and with some minor changes would be quite close to perfect. 9/10

Québec City Nordiques v. Hartford Whalers Fauxback Concepts (By: TC Moore)

HRT- I never thought I'd see the Whalers a) take back the yellow and b) use Washington University's W logo. That being said, This is clever on the party of TC. Going back to the original WHA colour scheme and emphasizing yellow in this series really helps to make this concept stand out. Everything here I like except for that logo. I can only see Minnesota or Washington's university teams, this would have been a great place to see Pucky return in a  same way the Québec fleur de lis is used/

Overall- It fits the era and works on many levels, but the logo really distracts from what is otherwise would be a unique look for Whalers. 7/10

QUÉ- Red is a colour hastily used by the Nordiques outside the WHA, and on the one and, I get it, particularly with the NOB, which is hard to read. On the other hand, it really works with the red numbers and that gorgeous red fleur de lis. The striping here is clever in that it calls on the Québec Bulldogs with an added arm stripe. I do wish the red numbers were in the arm stripes to make the easier to read. Something I would do is swap the sock style of the Whalers jersey and use it with the Nordiques one to call further on the Bulldogs

Overall- We get 3 eras of Québec hockey brought together here, and it really works not just in a vacuum, but as an alternate as a whole! 9/10

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TC Moore said...

In my defense, I made sure NOT to use the Washington Huskies W, it has varying widths on the arms of the W, whereas these are uniform

Dave said...

Probably a coincidence, but Hayden's secondary logo looks a lot like the Saskatchewan Roughriders throwback logo.


Unknown said...

Taylor’s Sacred Heart for COTW.

Unknown said...

The grey you refer to for the pants is I believe what you're calling black on the jerseys. There's no black on the concept. And Hayden for COTW

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