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Welcome to another Monday post!

If you haven't already, listen to this week's podcast. Not only was it one of the most entertaining and fun, with Ben, TC, Ryan, and I spending the last 10 minutes in fits of laughter, but you have a chance to win a very rare HJC Jersey Casual sticker! Seriously though, we want NWHL Detroit Mufflers and Atlanta Lady Thrashers concepts, and why not make some CWHL Halifax & St. John's expansion franchises too! Make your names serious or not, it's all in good fun!

Listen here:

Listen to "HJCP-025 - The Detroit Mufflers" on Spreaker.

We have a new contest this week, the Colour Swatch competition. Click on the tab on the side or top of the blog to learn more, it's an interesting competition but you need to read all the rules. Furthermore, I'll emphasize that Ryan has added new rules that allow for you to use black/white as a trim colour, and to make you road jersey white if you find that easier.

Keep them coming! Entries are due NEXT Friday, April 6th at Noon EST!

We also have the usual COTW vote on the side of the blog. This week Justin's The Season winning Solar Bears concept taking on Hayden's Seattle concept logo & jersey, a pair of NCAA concepts from Taylor R., and David K's Lumberjacks concepts! You decide last weeks best, but you only have until Friday @ noon est.

COTW March 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Colour Swatch Competition entries (due Friday, April 6 @ noon ET)

Also don't forget to submit your questions to the HJC Mailbag by commenting on the youtube video, using the forum on the side of the blog, or emailing it to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com! We love answering your questions and usually have a little fun in doing so!

We also need you guys to send in more concepts! I think we're down to 2 concepts a post this coming week, so please do send in your concepts to us so we can review them!

On with today's 3 concepts!


Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: TC Moore)

While I am not thrilled to see the SENS script return (despite what some may think), I like the white arm band on a rad jersey here, it has a 1980s Team Canada look to it, but it's also something the Sens have never attempted and would help them standout and die I say look more Canadian. I don't think that's the current Sens font, but that doesn't matter, I really like it! What I son't like is the black cuffs on the white jersey. I'm not exactly sure how to correct it and it might be the best thing that could be made, but it isn't my favourite design. That being said the 80s charm of the striping really works. The Sens alternate isn't bad, but I'd much prefer scratching the red yoke.

Overall, probably the best jerseys the Sens would have if it were ever adopted, and I like the vintage striping which may be a call back to a non-existent era, maybe the barber pole era, and I like that TC went with a unique design and took a risk. It isn't perfect but it's interesting. 8/10

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Adam G.)

I'll be blunt, I don't get this one. I think it's trying to go for a 90s design while calling on the 2009 All Star jerseys and a Stadium Series less is more type striping, but in the end it doesn't work as well as it could. That isn't to say there aren't things I like. For one the chest stripe is a really nice idea! I think that could work as is and gives a neon vibe to it and improves on what was attempted with the Gretzky angled jerseys. The arms tries aren't too bad either but I think they would be perfect if the lined up with the chest striping. Logo choices are solid, as are the white numbers. Then we come to the yellow...thing. I think with more detail and colours added it could work, but ass is it looks like a pretty solid Blues concept that had the side and hem fall in yellow paint. It does help with colour balancing but so would yellow cuffs, bottom of the socks and a small amount on the hem. The way to do this if you must do an asymmetrical design would be to tie the neon chest stripe into it, not as a separate chest stripe. Execution note (no pun intended, the shoulder patches are much too large for anything outside an outdoor game.

Overall this isn't a concept I think is bad, in fact I think it's quite ambitious and the kind of thing I like seeing on the blog. Adam took a chance and I want to see this retooled and made to work. Thank being said that doesn't mean it's something I'd ever want to see on the ice, and needs work to be considered plausible, but again, I'm glad Adam took the chance here, you should all do the same with your concepts! 6.5/10

Team Nova Scotia Concepts (By: Noah B.)

Funny enough, despite there being no actual team Nova Scotia, the Halifax Mooseheads and Cape Breton Screamin' Eagles wore similar jerseys in 2012 when they played for the Hurley Cup in the Battle of Nova Scotia (current record 85-85-9 including playoff games). That being said, Noah makes some improvements to these jerseys. For starters, the arm stripe being moved up to a normal Edge/Adizero placement makes more sense rather than trying to connect it to the bottom part of the cross. The larger angle of the cross to cover much of the front of the jersey looks really solid, and helps the crest to put. I will say though that because of the angle of the cross and placement of the shoulder patches, the TV numbers would look better on the shoulders. Furthermore, and some may disagree, but black gear wouldn't look to bad here either and keep the blue jersey from looking too monotonous.

Overall, Nova Scotia in recent years has produced 3 of the best players in the NHL, and these jerseys would put them above the other provinces in terms of design. Also Noah, please produce more of these, I'd love to see Newfoundland, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan in particular. 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Usually, since this is a non NHL Team I'd give you a look at what they currently wear, but instead I'm giving you my prediction what an ideal couple of lines on Team Nova Scotia would look like and where they're from.

GM- Blaine Sexton (Falmouth)
Head Coach- Paul MacLean (Antigonish)

C- Sidney Crosby (Cole Harbour), Nathan MacKinnon (Cole Harbour), James Sheppard (Halifax), Fabian Joseph (Sydney)
LW- Brad Marchand (Hammonds Plains), Mike McPhee (Sydney), Jody Shelly (Yarmouth), Eric Boulton (Halifax)
RW- Glen Murray (Bridgewater),  Logan Shaw (Glace Bay), Norm Ferguson (Sydney), Craig Martin (Amherst)
D- Al MacInnis (Port Hood), Andrew MacDonald (Judique), Al MacNeil (Sydney), Cam Russell (Halifax), Colin White (New Glasgow), Alex Grant (Antigonish)
G- Joey MacDonald (Pictou), Wendell Young (Halifax)

These players go back to the 1950s, but again, I said ideal! If I included players who played in Nova Scotia like the AHL Voyageurs, Cape Breton Oilers, or Citadels, and LMJHQ Mooseheads/Screamin' Eagles, names like Larry Robinson, Guy Lafleur, Guy Carbonneau, Nik Ehlers, JS Giguere, Jakob Voracek, Pascale Leclaire, Marc-Andre Fleury, Ondrej Pavelec, Zac Fucale, Freddie Brathwaite etc. I will say talking to a lot of Nova Scotian sports figures that guys like Pokey Reddick (who was born in Nova Scotia but grew up in Toronto), Brathwaite, and Leclaire in particular are well remembered for being great to talk with and always having time for fans!

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Noah B said...

Don't worry, I've already made designs for Ontario, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan, Quebec, PEI, and I'm hoping to finish all 13 provinces and territories.

JB Designs said...

COTW Nom you Adam’s Blues Concept. Can’t place exactly why I like it so much but I do. It just, works...

Lucas D. said...

Noah for COTW

Geoff said...

Only change in would say to make to that Blues jersey is I would interested to see what it would look like with either the horn logo or the arch logo used as the primary. Hope you do a white version of this too!!!!

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