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Recently, I decided to get one of my jerseys customized, choosing to get my 1999-2000 Leafs road jersey customized. Looking at this Leafs team, they were a pleasant surprise for many Leaf Fans, when a younger roster with many breakthrough players and veterans combining with strong goaltending from Cujo took the team further than expected, eventually losing to the Devils in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. There were a lot of names to chose from, and nostalgia aside, I picked the player I thought had the best season given their standing, Jonas Hoglund!

Photo from hockey-reference.com
For those outside Leafland or under a certain age, Hoglund was Sundin's number 2 guy on the wing! The Thomas, Hoglund, Sundin line was a massive reason for their success that season. Plus I remember playing with him quite a bit in NHL 2003 on the 3rd line. Of course most of you are thinking "why didn't you pick Sundin, or Thomas, or Kaberle, or Clark, or Joseph?" To that I say, great players, solid choices, but not who I would put on the jersey!

Getting jerseys customized can be very difficult. Depending on your jersey your choices may be limited to team stores and online retailers. Thankfully, there are lots of solid, high quality options who will hand stitch your desired font. For those who don't know, the Leafs from 1997-2000 wore a different font to what they traditionally have, deciding on a unique rounded stylized font that most Leafs fans would dislike more if those teams didn't win as much as they did.

In short, getting this font meant custom cutting these numbers. There's also the fact that not many photos of these numbers exist. Thankfully, I message Pro Image Sports out of Pickering, Ontario!

I've had work done by them before. They were very helpful in fixing a screen printed Atlanta Thrashers Edge Away jersey that I had foolishly put heat pressed plastic numbers on that could not be removed in my youth. However, thanks to Pro Image, they were able to put proper stitched numbers on the jersey and make it presentable.

I messaged them on Twitter, they gave me their rate (I think it was $80 CDN for the custom numbers plus shipping) and I sent the jersey off to Pickering.

After a couple weeks of waiting, I got photos of the results, and they are stunning to say the least!

This is 100% accurate to exactly what the team wore during the 1999-2000 season. The name bar is not only the proper size, but the proper font. This font has not been worn by a Leafs team in almost 20 years. The numbers themselves are properly stitched together, layered and bet of all stitched directly to the jersey! None of the heat pressed crap you get from NHLShop or Sportcheck or Fanatics this is how hockey numbers are supposed to be done!

Here's an upclose of the stitching on the tv numbers and part of the numbers on the back.

Look at the stitching on the tv numbers! It's amazing what a difference having your numbers actually sewn versus that weird stitch printing the numbers some places will put on fan jerseys. It may cost a little more, but I can assure you, its worth it. When you go to games fans will notice and tell you how nice the jersey is. Walking down the street people will tell you how nice the jersey is, and probably note if they know how accurate it is! Those are that makes customizing jerseys worth it. It adds that extra level of detail that further makes jerseys personal. This really becomes your jersey when you put the name you want, no matter how obscure or dated on the back!

I'd like to give a special thanks to the staff at Pro Image Sports! You guys absolutely rock and I cannot recommend you enough. If you're in the Greater Toronto area, give them a visit at the Pickering Town Centre! I've been to their store and it's certainly worth a visit, particularly if you're a Leafs fan. If you don't, and have a jersey, ask them on twitter to see if they can customize it for you, get a quote and make it your personalized jersey!

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