Wednesday: Short, Sweet and to the Point

Welcome to another Wednesday post here at HJC. I'm going to keep it brief because I have a massive headache, and no it isn't from watching the Islanders. Speaking of which...

COMPETITION: Islanders redesign comp is underway.  Here are your entries so far:

Liam A:


MERCH: I bought my Jersey Casual shirt recently, and it will be arriving any day now. I'll post pictures when it comes, hopefully next week here at HJC. Also there's stickers on sale for $2 CAD (less than $1.60 USD), so grab some of those.

VOTES: COTW as usual, combined with COTY-October, or COTM as I always argue it should be called. GET ON IT!


 COTW-October Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 COTW NOV 3-9 Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST) 

 NYI ReDesign Comp Entries (due Nov 24 @ noon EST) 


Burkus Circus: Los Angeles Kings Concept

If I'm not mistaken this is Burkus' entry into the LA Kings Redesign competition. A simple design that keeps the jersey classy. The only design issue I have is the black and purple being used together. It was a better look before the current Kings branding because the other color in the scheme was silver and that doesn't have the same effect as the yellow does here, because yellow and purple are complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are colors that are positioned opposite of each other on the 6-wedge color wheel, which contains the three primary and three secondary colors. Blue and orange, as well as red and green are the other pairs. Black just doesn't fit in a color scheme based on complimentary colors, even as a trim. I'd also make the numbers on the white jersey purple to better match the striping pattern, maybe have a double outline of purple and yellow too. EXECUTION NOTES: The logo, name and number are too high up on the purple jersey, and the name and number are not spaced out enough from each other on both jerseys.

Rating: 67%

TC Moore: Anaheim Ducks Concept

I have seen countless attempts to merge the two eras of Ducks jersey design, and most of them take this route, using the striping of the original jerseys and applying the newer branding on top of it, with both the logos, font and color scheme. This is no different. And the sad thing about doing that is that there is nothing in this concept that stands out as unique. It's a plausible and practical set, but it doesn't impress.

Rating: 80%

The WINNER of my CONCEPT OF THE WEEK Nomination is:


There are only two concepts here and I do not believe that either of them are good enough. More alarming is that there are only two concepts here to begin with. SEND US STUFF. I do not care how bad it is. I will review it so long as its not plagiarized. And even if it is, I'll review it while tearing a new one for the plagiarizing artist, and therefore entertaining the rest of the readers.

I don't encourage you to plagiarize anyone. 

Speaking of which, when recording the latest podcast, we threw around old concepts to laugh at ourselves and see how far we've come. I was reminded of a concept I designed and how poorly it was plagiarized. So I'll post both of them here and in the comments I want you to guess which one was the original and which was plagiarized. 

They could've at least changed the name on the back when plagiarizing, no?
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