Tuesday: Two for Tuesday

Welcome back to HJC for another fun-filled edition of concepts. Folks, we've hit a new low here on the blog. In today's post, we have two concepts. Yep, just a lonely pair. The well is dry around here, and we're in need of some content.

An easy way to contribute is to submit a question for our Mailbag segment on our weekly podcast. I will (most likely) be a guest this week, and I want to hear what's the most burning question on your mind. Take a minute and type in a question using our handy dandy sidebar feature.

To spur your creativity for concepts, our new competition is an Islanders redesign. The time for designing is going to be longer than our normal competitions, so take your time and really go all the way with this one. We've had some good entries so far, so keep it up!

COTW-October Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST)
COTW NOV 3-9 Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST)
NYI ReDesign Comp Entries (due Nov 24 @ noon EST) 

With no new entries for the Islanders' competition, let's go to our pair of daily concepts.

Noah B.- Port Adelaide Power

Our first concept is a continuation of Noah's Australian Football series, today for the Port Adelaide Power. As I researched the team, I discovered their uniforms are remarkably similar to Vancouver's old "Flying V" jerseys, and I'm really glad you didn't try to force it here. What you did do was remarkable; the coherency between all the elements on the set are quite good. I usually don't like thin lines as stripes, but you've made it work here tremendously. Taking a key from the logo, the color contrast helps the stripes pop on the arm and straight into prominence. On the full sleeve color background, the stripes aren't too few, but by limiting it to the arms, not too many. The simple pattern on the hem and socks keep the consistency of the set. Omitting the side view is hurting this concept, as I can't tell what the pants striping is supposed to be. It looks like a single white stripe, which doesn't fit the pattern, and needs that teal to tie the whole look together.

Grade: A, with my COTW nomination

TCM- University of Wisconsin Badgers

TC takes us half a world away to the flagship campus of Wisconsin to wrap up today's post. While the thin stripes work for Noah, they're not working here. There's almost too much going on, though limiting the hem and pants stripes down to two lines each saves the day. What's really hampering the stripes is the bold W logo; the thick font lines make those stripes look unimportant and fragile. What I like most about the home (in the NCAA, home wears light) is you didn't try to douse it in color. The stormtrooper look works great for a one color and white palette. The bold logo jumps right off the crest from the contrasting background, made even more dramatic by the drop shadow. Minor details can make a big difference, and the drop shadow numbers to match the logo is an excellent example of that. The nameplate looks a bit forced in, lowering the numbers would give it the breathing room its lacking.

Grade: B+

That's it for today. TC's concept was good, but couldn't match the juggernaut from Noah. Disagree? Or want to put Noah's up for a COTW vote? Comment below! And as always, keep your stick on the ice.

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