Monday: Post of Brotherly Love

Welcome to the Monday post!

Because everyone else is doing it, here are my letter grades for the 2018 Olympic jerseys; you'll find I'm a little more forgiving with these than the other writers, and I legitimately like a couple of these,  but trust me, the ones that are bad...are really bad!

Finland- A
Norway- A
Germany- B+
Slovenia- B
Korea- B-
Japan- B-
Canada- C+
Switzerland- C
Sweden- C
Russia- D-
Slovakia- F
Czechia/Czech Republic- F-

Want to hear the writer's thoughts on the Olympic jerseys, listen to the most recent podcast!

Voting this week is pretty simple, we got a new COTW vote, featuring last week's best! Look at the concepts on the side of the blog or by clicking the COTW tab in the bar above. Votes as usual are due at Friday @ noon EST.

We also have the Los Angeles Kings redesign contest in its voting phase. Click on the contest banner above the post and check out all the entries. Don't forget it's a Top 3 vote! Votes are again due Friday @ noon EST

 COTW Oct 27-Nov 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 LA Kings ReDesign Top 3 Vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)

Looking for some inspiration, check out this terrible Islanders concept I made years ago....note using the over the top isometric script in lieu of a name bar.

Looking for a little less terrible inspiration? Try this:

On with today's 3 concepts!


Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+It's amazing what adding one stripe will do to a concepts, the added stripe not only simulates the logo's slits on the wings, but also ads some colour to an otherwise overly simple concept 
+ Making the white true white instead of vintage white is a solid move, especially when coupled with the white jersey that's a retooled version of the 50th anniversary jersey 
+ Great execution

- One flaw is more so a missed opportunity, the key stone patch on the captain's C would add a lot to the jerseys 

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

Team Canada 2018 Olympic Concepts (By: Ryan HJC.)

+ I think one of Ryan's biggest complaint's with Canada's Olympic jerseys aside from the lack of striping is the lack of traditional Canadian colours, something these jerseys fix, calling back to something we'd have seen in 2002
+ Black alternate <3
+ The logo is relatively the same as it is on the real things, but having the script under the yoke and a red leaf on a red jersey looks a lot better
+ Great execution 

- I think the font is something similar to what the team has worn over the past few years, but assuming the font actually being used is sewn on in the concept, it'd work better
- International tournaments usually make teams rely on one helmet for the span of the tournament, now you may disagree, but I'd love to see a red helmet
- Home and road striping could be a little thicker

Rating: 9/10

Kamloops Blazers WHL Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ The current Blazers jerseys transfer well to the Adizero template
+ Much of the positives of the current jersey are kept, while some of the flaws like the white stripe on the blue jersey looking grey, are fixed
+ Good execution

- Numbers on the back are way too large
- The concept itself takes up less than half of the full image
- Not much has changed overall, and I know this is a series where some teams will change a lot while others down, but I feel that there's not much new here except it's a Kamloops Blazers jersey with an Adidas collars

Rating: 6/10, but I am curious to see what more original designs you have coming!

Monday: Post of Brotherly Love Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on November 06, 2017 Rating: 5


TC Moore said...

Surprise, surprise. Jets likes Ryan's black Team Canada jersey.

winnipegjets96 said...

There's that brotherly love

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