FHL North Shore Knights Unveil Jerseys

If you hadn't heard of the North Shore Knights, the Federal Hockey Leagues latest team and second in Canada (3rd in league history, the other two being the Cornwall Nationals and Niagara Falls Nationals), we can't blame you. Following one season in Michigan's St. Clair Shores, the Fighting Saints relocated to Kingsville, Ontario to become the North Shore Knights, with little press regarding the logo unveiling.

The Knights unveiled their logo in a black and white form with a Cooperplate text over the crossed swords and shield and knight's mask on the shield, telling fans not to worry, that this was a preliminary version of the logo. In early September, the actual logo was unveiled, showing the knight's helmet and swords to be light blue and the new script to be orange.

Photo from North Shore Knights Official Facebook
Less than an hour ago from the time this post is written, the Knights unveiling their new jerseys. If the jerseys look familiar, particularly to those in New York/Long Island, your eyes aren't fooling you!

Photo from North Shore Knights Official Facebook 
There is not much to say about these jersey design wise, as these have nearly the exactly jersey striping wise as the original Islanders RBK Edge set that was worn from 2007-2010. The only difference being an extra arm stripe being put above the blue section of the arms. The logo itself remains unchanged on both jerseys, including the script found on the logo unveiled back in September. The FHL league patch is found on the upper right of the jersey, while the shoulders have a smaller version of the Knights primary logo.
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Unknown said...

This is pitiful. I offered my services for very free, just because I am a huge FHL fan and they donate to a charity I believe in, but I guess sh*tty clip art is better than a professional designer with designs worn by the ECHL All-Star Game, Western Michigan University Orlando Solar Bears, Kalamazoo Wings, and Wellington Dukes to name a few.

Unknown said...

Cool-ish jersey but striping isn't exaxtly loke the isles 08 version.

Unknown said...

I like that if you google Knight clip art logo that logo is one of the results. Thats when you know its a great logo!

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