All 2018 Olympic Hockey Jerseys Revealed

On Thursday, Nike unveiled all of the jersey for the 2018 Olympic hockey tournament, set to take place this coming February.

The jerseys will be worn by the mens, womens, and paralympic teams.

Nike's focus was to make the jerseys as light as possible while still maintaining a look that they think the players and fans will enjoy. What you will find on many of the jerseys is a triangular pattern on the sleeves. Some countries are using this pattern and tying it into an element of their national identity.

Nike provided some bullet points in the unveil in an attempt to explain what they have done here.
  • A shift to single-layer laser-perforated numbers (instead of layering up heavy twill) that they applied by heat (rather than stitching them down), both of which increased breathability and articulation.
  • Doing away with the previous large, heavy center-front crest in favor of a small, intricate, badge (select teams were moved to a new configuration led by country name rather than their crest), which reduced weight, resulting in better articulation for the athlete.
  • Consolidating fonts across kits. (Though select teams got a unique font.)
  • Amplification of each team’s colors through a cascading gradient.
  • An expanded color palette that includes secondary and tertiary colors.
  • A new blade Swoosh (inspired by a hockey skate blade) with chrome flicker that sparkles under the arena lights.
  • The flicker film (rather than heavy twill) addition to the top of the base for the crest and numbers increases vibrancy.
  • Injected silicon molds make the trims pop.
So, there's that.

I'm quite positive that there will be plenty of opinions coming in on this from you guys and our writers. So fire away!

All images are from the Nike News website

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Geoff said...

I ordered the USA alternate. Needed an Olympic jersey for the collection. Most designs aren't good. I'm intrigued by the material the crest is made from. Some pictures and video of the white USA makes the blue look reflective. Dexpending on the quality is might order that one too or possiby the red Canada

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