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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday Post here at HJC. The new format is getting better and better. Now while News is now separate of concept posts, it doesn't mean I don't have news for you, so stay tuned, as there's NWHL news that has yet to come here to HJC....

Meanwhile some news specific to the blog, we are looking for a social media administrator, as you can see here. You just need to write a short blurb (100-200 words) as to what you bring to the table and what you can do to expand our social media presence, then email Ryan: Concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com

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Adam G: Arizona Coyotes Concept

I like this concept to an extent: The black looks awkward. With the dominance of the brick red throughout the jersey, black gear and black numbers throw off the balance of color on the full set. Cream helmets never work, and cream based jerseys rarely work. That logo is too far down the jersey and not high enough above the striping. The new Coyotes font would work better, because you could incorporate both the black and brick red while keeping consistent with the shoulder logos, which were altered in the brand update to include the new font for the "AZ" lettering. That middle red stripe in the kachina pattern should be moved down.

Rating: 73%

Anthony C: 2018 Winter Classic Concept (Rangers vs Sabres)

The presentation is what puts this over the top. Quality, professional-looking presentation of a great concept, but not one without questions. The Sabres jersey looks great with the off-colored arms and the matching striping. That standing alone could be a perfect rating if you included helmets. The Rangers jersey is executed very well, but I question why a team that rivaled the New York Americans would incorporate that look today. Great look for sure, but not necessarily practical.

Rating: 95%

Jets96: Chesapeake Icebreakers (ECHL) Concept

The Icebreakers were based at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland from 1997-1999. Their jerseys were Tampa Bay Lightning copies, as well as a ridiculous alternate jersey only fitting for the late 90s. Here Jets gives them their own identity, while incorporating elements from the Bolts, specifically the jersey font. It works well here, albeit slightly high on the jersey in regards to the numbers. This is a great look for an ECHL team, despite how much I hate the Nike templates. The cuffs on the white jersey are unnecessary though, and the pants would look better solid black.

Rating: 85%

Vaughn R: Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL) Concept

Currently the Pontiacs use a Penguins Edge 1.0 template with a diagonal wordmark on the front. Here Vaughn decides to be conservative in their design and create a jersey similar to the Leafs Edge 2.0 jerseys on an Under Armour template. The alternate is nice as the striping is identical to the gold jersey, but with a white base. The wordmark above the logo on the white alternate is cluttering, between the UA logo, the captain's C and the advertisement. However the gold nameplate works on it, though not on the black jersey. Pants should better match the black jersey, similar to how the LA Kings pants are designed, with two thin stripes separated by the base color of the pants. Presentation is a big minus here though, as the team featured does NOT use the larger font, but rather the team that is next in your series, the Brooks Bandits. It can be very misleading, considering how separated the team name is from the phrase "Next team" on this concept.

Rating: 65%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another Wednesday in and my Islanders have not yet scored on the power play. Help me. 

Also tomorrow is the first Islanders-Rangers game of the season. TC, want to make a bet?

Until then keep sending in your concepts and I'll see you next week!
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Ben Shaffer said...

Second Anthony C's WC for COTW.

TC Moore said...

If the Rangers lose, I have to open my next concept post with a positive review of what I like about the Isles uniform. Same thing for you, but Rangers.

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