Wednesday: A Little Bit of Everything

We have a nice variety of concepts for you today, from junior B to the NHL, as well as a concept from the old WCHL brought to a new life, but first a bit of blog news.

First of all, the new HJC stickers are still for sale here! They look fantastic and would make a great accessory to your car's bumper or your laptop. I have a fair amount of Islanders and Red Bulls/MetroStars stickers on my car already, but I think I could use more. Buy here: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/-/292293820533?roken=cUgayN

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COMPETITIONS: The LA Kings are the subject of a traditional redesign competition, and to be honest, they need it a bit. Adidas' rebrand was not too kind to them, so help them out. Click the banner on the top right for more.

VOTES: I'm up for Concept of the Week, so this vote is more important than any Concept of the Week Vote since the last time I was up for the award. Ok maybe not, but still. Vote anyway. Vote for me. Or Matt G. Or Anthony C. But don't vote for Ryan H. Ok just kidding, you can vote for him too I guess... JUST VOTE


 COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 LA Kings entries (due Nov. 3 @ noon ET) 


Cole W: Saskatoon Quakers (WCHL) Concept

A classic looking concept for an old team from the original West Coast League, with a nice script logo, albeit one that looks too collegiate for my liking. The logo you have over your ID may be a better look. Maybe adding the standalone Q to the shoulders would help? The striping is nothing special but it doesn't have to be. Though I think if it were of consistent thickness between the arms and hem, it would be better. Pant striping needs to overlap the grey template lines above the bottom portion of the pants.

Rating: 76%

FC Macbeth: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

I have seen a lot of improvement from your work over time here at HJC. This is probably one of your better works. Now I'm not sure if people understand why you based it on a Wanderers jersey, but the clue is the "vs. Maple Leafs". The Leafs' will be playing their 100th Anniversary game against the Hurricanes on December 19th as I wrote about here. It is exactly 100 years to the day of the first game in Arenas history, before changing names to the Maple Leafs, and during that game they played the Wanderers. With the Leafs bringing back the Arenas look for that game, it's only fitting Carolina does something like this. Regardless, there's still a bit of work to be done. First, the name and number are a bit low on the back of the jersey, as well as the logo on the top. you could probably raise that stripe to better position those items. The Captain's C is a bit too large. There's no helmet logo, and the holes on the right side of the helmet should be black, as it is based on a Reebok helmet. Speaking of Reebok, NHL teams do not have manufacturer branding on their socks, so dump the Reebok logo (which itself is outdated).

Rating: 79%

Vaughn R: Ft. McMurray Oil Barrons (AJHL) Concept

With the main set on this concept, there's a lot going on with the top of the jersey, but not a lot on the bottom. Now I'm an admitted sucker for white jokes, but this one creates such a color imbalance on the dark jersey that it kills the concept. Combine that with two blues not distant enough in shade clashing in the striping, and a stripe below the yoke that clashes with the Under Armour logo and leads to a  colored name bar, the main set falls flat on its face in comparison to the alternate, which still has color issues, as the two shades of blue clash. As bad as the St. Louis Blues Edge 1.0 copies look with the team currently, this isn't an improvement at all.

Rating: 45%

Vaughn R: Grande Prairie Storm Concept

The Storm currently use Buffalo Sabres copies for their main set and the Predators final Edge jerseys for their alternate. That grey jersey looks great, though the numbers are too spaced out. The dark jersey and 3rd jersey suffer from something similar to YOWS, YOGS (yellow-on-grey syndrome). The grey doesn't stand out well enough against the yellow. They 3rd is also lacking in comparison to the other two.

Rating: 55%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is



Sometimes I just get a batch of concepts that just doesn't do it for me or just falls short of a nomination on my behalf, but that shouldn't stop you if you think I made a mistake. Comment below and I'll see you next week!
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Unknown said...

FC’s Carolina, that thing is gorgeous.

FC Macbeth said...

Judging by the rating, I should probably get a COTW.

Unknown said...


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