Sunday: Winter Classic Crazy!

Hi everybody. Welcome back to another HJC post! So if anybody saw my story last week on the Tennessee Ice Vols, the University of Tennessee's club hockey team, then you saw the sweet logo that they have on the front of the jerseys. 
Logo Via Tennessee Hockey Club Twitter
Well after I got tagged on the official unveil on Rebirth's twitter, I actually got in touch with the designer of the logo, Tyler Earles. Now, Tyler created the Davie Crockett head logo and the roundel was added later. Tyler has done quite a bit for the Knoxville Ice Bears and it was great to meet the man behind the logo for once. I'd really like to see Tyler show some of his creativity on the site so hopefully we'll be seeing him soon!

Guess what? We have another competition! Get your entries in for the Kings Comp ASAP. Also, don't forget about the COTW vote!

COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
LA Kings entries (due Nov. 3 @ noon ET)

Alright let's get to it!

FC M- 2018 Winter Classic
Positives: Every time I get a concept from FC I see more and more improvement. For the Sabres jersey, I really Like the idea of mimicking the sleeve striping on the yoke. It gives the jersey a different feel. Also, the plain Blue and Gold (or yellow) color scheme works well on this set. As for the Rangers jersey, It's nice to see that you kept a lot of what the rangers already have and I commend you on the Custom logo on the front.
Negatives: Your Sabres jersey just doesn't look complete without something on the bottom of the jersey. It could be the striping pattern that you have on the jersey and it would be great. As for the Rangers uniform, It looks really close to the Rangers Edge era alternate jersey with a extended red yoke. Be a little more creative on that end. Also, as advice, keep practicing on the logo making thing!
Overall: 7/10

Joe D- 2018 Winter Classic
Positives: Really like what you're doing with the Sabres jersey here. Giving it that chest stripe with the arms to match looks really good with that logo on the front. Also, the hem stripe is a great addition to give a little extra contrasting color to the jersey but not too much to overpower. For the Rangers jersey,  It's nice to see that logo front and center on the jersey instead of the diagonal script for once. Also, the blue hem to match the blue yoke really balances the jersey out well. Finally, I like that you have the drop shadow numbers as well.
Negatives: The numbers on the back could get a little hard to read with the double accent striping. Just put the yellow around it so the numbers are more visible. As for the Rangers jersey, It looks a little too close to what they wore in the previous Winter Classic with the biggest change being the hem.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE (Based on Sabres Jersey)

Phil B- Minnesota Wild
Positives: Next up is our Wednesday writer and recent bet winner Phil. I like the addition of the hem stripe on the white jersey and the yoke on the green jersey. It really gives the jerseys a more consistent feel and it stays true to the identity that the Wild have carved out of the past few years. Also, that little hem stripe at the bottom was a good idea as well on both jerseys.
Negatives: The half and half dual stripe on the arms is just fine by me, but when you add it to the chest behind the logo it really brings down the look of the arm design. If the Wild had a more simple logo then the two tone would work but with the current logo you missed the mark.
Overall: 8/10

Vaughn R- Canmore Eagles 
Positives: Looking this team, They actually use the Jets' jersey template so changing the teams colors was a pretty bold more but I like it! As for the overall design, the idea of following the logo in that "V" pattern is really different and it reminds me a lot of the Dallas Stars 90's jerseys or the Kingston Frontenacs 2000's uniform design. As for the alternate jersey, it's nice to see a much more traditional design to give it that nice break instead of just making a white version of the primary set.
Negatives: While the idea of having the striping follow the shape of the logo, you run into a lot of problems when you try to do this. First, you put your TV numbers too close to the yoke. Second, you have the design set up so it would like like, from under the arm, that the stripes are touching on the sides. It's a good idea but this was something that was really hard to execute.
Overall: 7/10

Alright that's all I got for you guys. Come back tomorrow for Jets96's post. Have a good week and I'll see your guys next week!
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Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Joe, but it was definitely a close one between him and FC, as they are both great!

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