Sunday: Not Your Average Sunday Post!

Ok that was a lie. Hi everybody. Welcome back. Since there hasn't been much going on since yesterday I'd figure that I explain the new t-shirts that HJC is Selling and get a little more in depth with it.

Why is it called "Jersey Casual"? Well, the idea came up after we, the writers, were talking about how we love to wear hockey jerseys whenever possible and they started to make a jokes about wearing jerseys to my wedding. That conversation led BPoe, our now behind the scenes guy, to come up with the phrase jersey casual. As for the series itself, I am the one who primarily takes on the project with input from the boss and other writers, but I would also like the readers to have a say as well.

What I mean is that, every series, which will be revealed every two weeks, consists of five designs plus one limited edition design based off a Outdoor jersey or All Star Game jersey that sits on the site for a week. While it is limited to how many come out, I'd like to hear what designs you guys would like to see because that helps drive the process. Don't be afraid to send in pics of NHL or Minor league jerseys that you want to see on a shirt that you'd proudly wear with the HJC wordmark on it.

Also, Don't forget that we're selling HJC stickers on Ebay! The rumor is confirmed that there are HJC waterproof stickers out in the world but, like Carmen Sandiego, they're not easy to find. You could always ask nicely to see if we could find one for you though. The stickers on Ebay go for $2CAD so get one while you can!

Finally, don't forget that we have the LA Kings comp still open for entries until Friday so be prepared and don't wait until the end. Also, we have the usual COTW voting going on so get on that!

Alright let's do this

LA Kings Entries:

Cole W

Adam G

The Daily Concepts!

Brooks F- Team Asia
Positives: First off, those are some good looking logos so kudos. Second, the Curved striping on the arms looks great and really flow with the piping. It's a very well put together design and I could truly see a team using it.
Negatives: My only gripes about this are the template, the hem, and the piping. The template is just a poor choice. it's disproportionate at the waist and arms. Also, the piping causes a big problem. It gives the dark jersey a nice hem on the dark jersey but just this random piping stripe on the back and it looks terrible.
Overall: 7/10

Cole W- Calgary Hitmen 
Positives: This is a nice improvement on there current design. You fixed that issue of the phantom yoke that brought the design of the jersey down. Also, fixing the striping to match the design of the dark jersey looks good as well.
Negatives: The mesh look on the yoke of the white jersey gives it a different color than the rest of the jerseys. Also, it's really just a fix of the Hitmen current jersey and I'm not sure if it's enough of a change to warrant a COTW nominee.
Overall: 8.5/10

Vaughn R- Sherwood Park Crusaders 
Positives: Looking up the team, they use a copy of the LA Kings current jersey design and it just feels awkward with the classic C as the main logo. This set makes the much more sense with what the team uses. The use of black on the ends with the jersey with the simple contrast stripe really works with the logo. As for the alternate, it's a nice mix up of a design without making it look too modern.
Negatives: The numbers on the main set just don't match the look of the jersey and logo. Probably lake the numbers from the alternate and use them on the main? Also, the crest logo looks a little big so try to make it a tad smaller. Finally, this is more of a nit pick on my end but please use UA's actual template. it'll just make it more convincing.
Overall: 8/10

Ok that's all I got guys. I'm not sure who deserves the COTW NOMINEE this week so I'll get back to you guys on that. Have a good rest of the week guys and I'll see you next week.
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Unknown said...

Brooks’ Asia is the most original of the three so it earns my COTW nom.

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