NEWS: Vegas Unveils Inaugural Season & Vegas Strong Logos

With tonight being the Golden Knights first ever game against the Dallas Stars, it's only fitting that today the team showed off, for the first time, their gear in an NHL locker room ready for a regular season game. This meant also showing their inaugural season patch, which will be worn on the home and road jerseys of the entirety of this season.

Photo from Vegas Golden Knights Official Snapchat
What we get is a basic logo, featuring the team's simplified primary logo on a banner with 3 ribbons; 2 above and 1 below, stating to the fans what year it was the Golden Knights played their first season. This logo fits comfortably into recent examples of inaugural season logos, most of which feature the team's primary logo in a geometric shape, and the inclusion of ribbons to hold the script. This logo will not be the only patch not jersey, as the NHL100 logo seen last year will be worn below the TV numbers until 2018 begins. 

It is unknown at this time when these patches will be sold to collectors and at what price that will be. 

Moving up to the helmets, Vegas further unveiled a Vegas Strong patch, as part of their charitable response and community outreach following the tragic mass shooting earlier this week. The Dallas Stars, as a sign of solidarity, will be doing the same tonight. 

Logos from Vegas Golden Knights Official Twitter (@GoldenKnights)
The logo features a desert sunset across the Las Vegas skyline inside the state outline of Nevada, with a monochrome version of the Golden Knight's shoulder patch in the lower point of the logo and Vegas Strong written in white. The Stars will be wearing a different version of the logo, with a white background, and the sun pattern now inside the Vegas Strong script to help it stand out on the black helmet. This logo will be worn along side the Stars' memorial sticker to long time, well loved broadcaster Dave Strader, who passed away earlier this week as well. 

It is also unknown at this time how long the Golden Knights will wear this on their home helmet and for how long, or if the version the Stars are wearing is exclusive to them, or if it will be seen on the dark jersey's helmet. Baring any statement from the team, the Golden Knights will show us on October 10th (this upcoming Tuesday) when the T-Mobile Center hosts its first NHL regular season game when the Arizona Coyotes visit in the tail end of a home and home. 
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