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Welcome to the Monday post!

If you haven't checked out this week's HJC Podcast where Me, Ryan and Steven discuss this week's biggest stories in the NHL, including Vegas's first home game, McDavid vs. Crosby, the Jets goaltending situation and more, click here!

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On with today's concepts!


New York Red Bull MLS Crossover Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ I know Phil knows his hockey, and his MLS, so it's no surprise this is a really solid conversion of their current jerseys
+ Using the end cuffs of the soccer jersey as the arm striping on the red jersey is a really good way to keep the arms from being black
+ Nice conversion of the logo from a soccer ball to hockey stick
+ Good execution

- NOB and numbers are a bit small and squished by the scripts; by shrinking the scripts to fit full sized hockey numbers, it'd look like a more natural crossover

Rating: 8.75/10

Miku Hatsune Concept (By: FC Macbeth)

+ Striping pattern is pretty solid
+ I'm usually a fan of using double ______ for a colour scheme, andthi is no exception
+ Colour balancing is pretty good and matches the source material
+ Always nice to see custom logos, keep that up, FC
+ Decent execution, certainly getting better

- I have almost 0 idea who or what a Miku Hatsune is, or what a Vocaloid is other than a little wikipedia digging and previous concepts by FC, but some of the designs choices don't really work for me; namely the black socks and pants having the triangle pattern running vertically
- TV numbers are too small
- One thing that could be done to fix this is going with teal socks and black gloves
- The presentation of this is a little off; the actual concept is very small compared to most of the detail that really has much to do about nothing. If you must include the info on the right, make it the size of the concept you have now, and then make the concept larger

Rating: 6/10

2018 NHL All Star Game Concept (By: Ryan HJC.)

+ Like the past two ASG games, I like that Ryan reached outside the team's current colour scheme, either by stretching previous colours or adding ones from the logo like orange and yellow; it fits with the Florida theme of the logo
+ The surfer tattoo style striping is a nice new addition, and works really well with the paintbrush numbers
+ Each jersey is different enough to stand out when facing each other, particularly with the yokes on the orange and white jerseys
+ Solid execution

- It's far from a big issue, but recolouring the NHL shield would be a great
- I would have put the event logo on the shoulders

Rating: 9.25/10

Monday: Everything But An NHL Team Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on October 16, 2017 Rating: 5


FC Macbeth said...

'If you must include the info on the right, make it the size of the concept you have now, and then make the concept larger.'

What do you mean by that?

Also, misspelling Miku's name just hurts my heart a little bit.

Alan John Herbert said...

@Jets96: Vocaloid is a sound edited program made in Japan, it's can change your voice from high pinch or low tone. Hatsune Miku is pretty much the company's main mascot!

Ryan's NHL All Star Game Concept for the COTW.

For HJC Podcast Mailbag my question is: Will the Vegas Golden Knights benefit the Arizona Coyotes or will it hurt the Arizona hockey market down the road? (example fans from Arizona going to Vegas games more then their own.)

winnipegjets96 said...


The typo has been fixed, sorry for hurting your heart, autocorrect didn't help there

What I meant was the info section is larger than the concept itself, if you need to include the information section, make it the smaller of the two so the concept stands out, not the info on Miku Hatsune

Unknown said...

Jersey numbers are the exact same size as the height of any number in Ryan's jersey font images from his photobucket, which you can access on the templates page. It looks squished because its is squished on the back of the actual RBNY jerseys

John E. said...

2nd Ryan for COTW, I love those!!!

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