Monday: Double Dose of Junior Calgary

Welcome to the Monday HJC post!

The winner of the 3rd Quarter Vote tie-breaker was Jordan R!


Full Results

Jordan's concept will face the 1st Quarter Vote winner when we begin the 2017 COTY Semi-Finals in February.

The Los Angeles Kings Redesign competition is in full swing. It's a two week entry phase so TAKE YOUR TIME. This will be a competition where you'll need to be original and well executed, both of which take time. In the off chance you've had a well planned Kings concept, by all means send that in, but if you're planning on making a simple Kings concept, it might be best to take some time and add something original to it.

Let's take a look at some of the entries that have come in so far:

None as of 9:20am EST.

Entries aren't due for another week and a bit (November 3rd). So take your time, refine etc.

We also have the usual COTW vote for this week. It's Phil's Canes concept against Ryan's 2018 ASG concept against Matt G's AIHL Redesign contest winning Sydney Bears concept taking on Anthony's 2018 WC concept!

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On with today's 4 concepts.


Calgary Canucks AJHL Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ I mean with one exception we have a really nice Canucks set that has a bit of Buffalo and a bit of Dallas in it
+ Colour balancing between the home and road is decent
+ Alternate keeps things relatively the same but with a massive chest stripe
+ Decent execution

- I think the blue square around the primary logo is actually part of the primary logo itself, so why it wasn't included on the green jersey if it's on the light and third jersey doesn't make much sense
- Assistant's A is way too small
- Primary logo on the alternate is way too small, the numbers look off without an outline, and the square makes the things extra awkward; in short if any jersey didn't need the square around the logo, it's the alternate
- Remember HJC Logo Policy with the sponsor logo

Rating: 5.75/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Particularly nice use of the lightning pattern
+ Despite that lack of much hem striping, I don't think the jersey is particularly blank below the primary logo
+ Adidas collar actually looks pretty decent, particularly on the blue jersey where it connects to the arm piping
+ Great execution

- The font chosen isn't bad, but I'd prefer something like the 1993-94 italicized numbers
- Lack of shoulder patch hurts the upper arms

Rating: 8/10 COTW nom from me!

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Joe D)

+ This is the definition of a fauxback. No, the Blues never wore anything like this but it looks like something made specifically for the 70s roundel primary logo
+ The striping itself is really nice on the arms
+ Solid logo choice and mostly solid colour lay out
+ Decent execution

- The lack of a higher blue stripe under the yellow on the hem is killing this concept!
- Yellow-on-White syndrome on the gloves
- Lack of white on the pants
- Speaking of that roundel logo, it'd look great on either the shoulders or helmet
- Spacing on the numbers on the back is killing me!!!

Rating; 6/10

Calgary Mustangs AJHL Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ The Toledo Walleye and Calgary Mustangs have very similar colour schemes, but for 2/3 of the jerseys, these are clearly Mustangs jerseys
+ Love the arm logos, works really well and add white to the jersey
+ Alternate is something I could see being very popular amongst fans
+ Good execution

- My problem with the alternate is that it's a convoluted version of the Pens/Saskatchewan Blades/Tri City Americans jersey, with the name bar and Jets numbers and lack of light blue anywhere else on the jersey
- TV numbers on the alternate are WAY too small
- Number on the back are too spaced out and the namebars are too large

Rating: 6.25/10

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