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Welcome to another Monday post!

The seasons starts in just TWO DAYS! While there are another 3 games that I'm sure lots of you will be watching, the game I am focused on is the Leafs taking on the Jets in Winnipeg. As most of you can guess by my pseudonym, I am a huge Jets fan, but I wasn't always a Jets fan, as for 15ish years of my life, the Jets did not exist, and growing up in Toronto meant one thing. I was a Leafs fan, still kind of am. Are they my favourite team? No! If the Jets are playing the Leafs it's obvious who I'm cheering for, but otherwise I tend to root for both. But more importantly, this is the first year I'm confident in both teams making the playoffs. In 2013, the Jets struggled in a strong Central while the Leafs had the collapse of the century against the Bruins in game 7 of the QF. In 2015 the Jets made their post season debut as the Jets, while the Leafs went from leading a division, to leading Buffalo. In 2017 the Jets struggled to get into the wild card race, while the Leafs nearly took out the NHL leading Caps and proved that they were a contender again.

This year, I see the Leafs at least getting to the Semi-Finals, finishing second in their division, while the Jets will at least get the 1st Wild Card spot, and if the cards are right and the scoring is high, they will get that #3 spot in the Central.

St. Louis is taking on Pittsburgh, Calgary and Edmonton rehash the Battle of Alberta with a level of competitiveness not seen since the pre-edge era, and for some reason San Jose and Philly are playing in the late game. With the exception of Philly, all those teams will be battling late into the Season for various levels of playoff success, with Philly in my mind, being a basement team. Despite the beginning of the season being one of unorthodox cross-conference games, they're competitive ones!

Does this mean Jets is going to give you his tentative season predictions? Yes! Usually I give them earlier, but I forgot and had to figure out what to make of the Metro this year. So here they are: I won't go into much details unless asked in the comments, as I'll be giving my thoughts in a later post or something like that.

Atlantic Division

Tampa Bay Lightning
Toronto Maple Leafs
Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres X
Boston Bruins
Montréal Canadiens
Florida Panthers
Detroit Red Wings

Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh Penguins P
Columbus Blue Jackets
New York Rangers
Carolina Hurricanes X
Washington Capitals
New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders
Philadelphia Flyers

Central Division

Nashville Predators
Dallas Stars
Minnesota Wild
Winnipeg Jets X
Chicago Blackhawks
St. Louis Blues
Colorado Avalanche

Pacific Division

Edmonton Oilers
Anaheim Ducks
Calgary Flames
San Jose Sharks X
Arizona Coyotes
Vegas Golden Knights
Los Angeles Kings
Vancouver Canucks

Surprises- Carolina, New Jersey, Arizona, Buffalo
Disappointments- Los Angeles, St. Louis, Washington, Boston

Worst teams- 31. Detroit Red Wings 30. Vancouver Canucks 29. Colorado Avalanche 28. Philadelphia Flyers 27. Los Angeles Kings

ECF- Tampa V. Columbus
WCF- Nashville v. Edmonton
SCF- Nashville v. Tampa - Nashville in 7

Disagree? I hope so. I don't like when people just outright agree with me. Tell me how wrong I am in the comments. Honestly there are a lot of cases like Florida or Montréal or St. Louis where they are far from out of it and in fact there's a decent chance they do make the playoffs. Notice how I didn't include Washington in that...that's one where if I'm wrong no surprise but I'm pretty sure WSH this year is LA last year or San Jose in 13/14.

COTW vote has reset for the week, don't forget to get that vote in!

Let's also check out our AIHL Aussie league redesign entries that have come in since last post!

Lucas D.

Don't be a drongo, get working on your entries! You have well over a week to get those in, as they aren't due until October 13th!

COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
AIHL entries (due October 13 @ noon ET)

On with today's 4 concepts!


Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ This feels like a solid modernization of the original Sense set- similar striping to that popular vintage set, but deeper colours, better primary logo and shoulder patch
+ Speaking of that new colour scheme, this looks REALLY good, and calls on the Sens barber pole jerseys of the past
+ One thing I know lots of people would be in favour of would be putting the Sens back in black full time, and not only does this work, but the colours are balanced well
+ Great execution
+ Lucas brought up an excellent point in the comments that there's a subtle detail you likely cannot see, there is the famous Ottawa Laurel pattern on the hem and arm stripes, a really nice detail

- The striping itself is similar to the '67 Leafs, and in the Leafs/Sens battle, I'm 4000% pro-Leafs, so I'd too around with the striping
- Collar on the black jersey is a little rough, I'd add tan where the black is on the white jersey

Rating: 9/10

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ Awesome modernization of the Brad Bombardir era Wild jerseys
+ Solid colour balancing, I like how you can still see Minnesota's current aways
+ Despite there being no white on the green jersey, the colour balance is really solid
+ Great logo choices
+ Great execution

- Captain's C is a bit small
- Pants stripes shouldn't have a white stripe, beige instead

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Lots of checkerboard striping, combined with the current colour scheme, logos and numbers, with a better version of the original striping pattern, this makes for a solid jersey
+ Excellent colour balancing holy
+ Solid logo choices on the jersey
+ Good execution

- Primary logo and numbers are too small
- Pant stripes are too thick
- I've said a lot positive about that collar style, but it doesn't really wok on this one jersey
- No NP logo?

Rating: 8/10

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Justin B.)

+ Ooo that reworked primary logo looks amazing
+ The striping patterns are technically the same, and I don't usually like that, but this looks great, the cuffs and hems look great
+ Solid colour balancing, even with the red numbers
+ Good execution

- The N on the away jersey's logo should be black
- On that, why not make the numbers black?

Rating: 8.5/10

Monday: Concept Quartet Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on October 02, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Lucas's Ottawa for COTW.

Lucas D. said...

Thanks for the review! One thing you passed over is the laurel pattern in the striping.

Unknown said...

I'm actually curious as to how people think Nashville be first let alone make the playoffs. They are considerably worse than last year and only made the playoffs with the second WC spot.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Taylor, I totally get people's skepticism to a team that was by all means seemingly a fluke. However I look at their roster, with so much youth, from one of the best AHL farm systems ever and one of the best D cores that while it is missing one of its key players, it will only get better. The worst thing I can see Nashville having to deal with is a bad year from Rinne or injury, but I'm confident in their GM's ability to get someone in, or Saros taking over short term.

You could be totally right though if we see some form of sophomore slump

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