Friday: Don't Make Bets, Kids

Hey y'all, and welcome to another Friday post here at HJC.  Regrettably, my beloved Rangers fell to their cross-town rivals, the Islanders, in a shootout last night.  Not only has this put a damper on my mood, as the Rangers' play has been particularly underwhelming this season, but as per my bet with fellow writer Phil, I must now do a positive review of the Isles' uniforms.

Alright, let's get this over with.  I love the return of the royal blue to the Isles' uniform, growing up with the navy I never really felt that they looked as good as they did in the old days I would see in vintage footage.  The blue and orange color scheme overall is a great combination, one of my favorite in sports, and it does a great job of tying the Isles to the city of New York, matching the flag.  The striping pattern is pretty much trademark Isles, as they have consistently kept it in their repertoire, with one glaring exception, and made it their own.  The only miscues that I can see are the collar on the home set not being orange all the way around and the mismatched sock striping on the home set.  Those are simple fixes that could easily be amended to make this one of the best uniforms in the league.

God, that was painful...  Now on to voting news!  This week, we have the COTW vote for October 13-19, with polls closing Friday at noon EST.  I am also happy to announce our LA Redesign Contest, wherein you must create a new uniform for the LA Kings.  All concepts must have a home and away set, thirds encouraged but not required, and gear included.  More details can be found on the contest page once it goes live, but I can say that entries are due by November 3 by noon EST.  

 COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 LA ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon ET) 

In other news, we are looking for a new social media admin for HJC!  If you're tech savvy and know about all of the neat new stuff the kids are doing on their computers nowadays, you can apply for the position here: http://hockeyjerseyconcepts.blogspot.com/p/podcast.html.  We also have stickers for sale featuring our gorgeous new logo, which can be purchased here: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/-/292293820533?roken=cUgayN.  Be sure to buy one and slap it on your laptop to let everyone know who your favorite concept site is.  It's so versatile, it doesn't even have to be a laptop, it can be used on water bottles, cars, boats, ATVs, the neighbor's cat! (The ASPCA and RSPCA do not condone this activity and must strongly advise that no one attempt it)

Now on to today's concepts!

Jets96- Toronto Maple Leafs

Our first concept of the day is our very own Jets96's design for the Leafs that asks the question "What if Chad Kilger designed a jersey?"  I have to admit, this is one question that I wish went unanswered.  First off, this is the worst example of black-for-black's-sake that I've ever seen.  At no time have I ever thought that black should be included in the Leafs' color scheme. The striping and collar are done well, and your execution of the TV numbers is perfect.  I don't mind the TML logo as much as most, but even I don't think that it should be used as a primary, and given that it is a Leafs concept, a a leaf should appear somewhere, even if it is just as a shoulder patch.  Final verdict: good execution, but the artistic choices baffle me.  5/10

John E.- San Jose Sharks

Next up is John E. with a design for the San Jose Sharks.  I really like the return to the original striping pattern, and the extra white line between the black and teal on the away set is a great way to break up two similar colors.  I also like the elimination of orange from the jersey, I think the grey works much better with their identity.  While I do like the idea of the full body shark as the main crest, I think the updated Tiburones logo would look even better.  While I have always liked the Sharks in black breezers, I'm intrigued by how they might look in teal ones.  My main problem with this concept is that it's essentially the original Sharks set with an extra stripe on the away jersey and a new crest and number font.  Other than that, it's pretty much an exact copy, down to the shoulder patches.  Final verdict: not a bad set, but the lack of creativity and originality kind of kills it for me.  7.5/10

Phil B.- West Babylon Eagles

Our next concept is another entry from one of our writers, this time it's Phil B. with a design for the West Babylon Eagles, which I assume is Phil's high school alma mater.  The reworked Colorado Eagles logo looks great here, and replacing the stripes with the interlocking initials is a nice touch for a high school team.  I love the striping pattern, it looks like something the Preds should be wearing, but alas, they're stuck with their rain slicker jerseys.  This concept does a decent job of avoiding yellow-on-white syndrome, I think because you used such a bold shade of yellow that almost borders on gold.  While I'm not usually a fan of italicized name and number fonts, it ties in well with the logo, so I'll let it slide.  Good job on the gear.  The only thing I can think of to improve is maybe swap the coloring on the away set's shoulder patches, I think the yellow script on a blue background might pop better.  Final verdict: a great looking set, especially for a high school team.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Vaughn R.- Camrose Kodiaks

Our final concept of the day is Vaughn R.'s design for the Camrose Kodiaks of the AJHL.  I like the striping pattern used here, as well as the fact that it's consistent across all three jerseys, so well done there.  The collars are really well done across the set, and the black cuffs on the white jersey help save it from being too bare.  I like the idea of the anniversary jersey, as well as the fact that you have a plan to continue the jersey after the anniversary.  While this set does bring the gold into the color scheme better than their current set, I think that it was left out for a reason.  The gold doesn't really add all that much to the color scheme, and it doesn't really work all that well with the red.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of this color scheme, but I may be in the minority.  Also, the striping on the breezers is close to the rest of the striping, but off by just enough that it bothers me, as it could easily match.  Finally, I'd like to see the socks for each set.  Final verdict: not a bad design, but the color scheme just isn't my favorite.  8/10

That's all for me today, see y'all next week!
Friday: Don't Make Bets, Kids Reviewed by TC Moore on October 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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