Fishsticks Replica Jerseys Available

There may be no other topic in hockey that fans can almost unanimously agree on than the idea that the New York Islanders sweaters from 1995 to 1997 are one of the worst uniforms in hockey history.

The gaudiness of these jerseys can actually make them quite appealing to some jersey collectors, myself included. Just like the Burger King jersey (LA), or the Wild Wing jersey (ANA), the Islanders' Fishsticks jersey is a must have.

Well now you have a chance to get one...sort of. There are a couple of drawbacks to getting the jersey tough. First, you have to attend an Islanders game at the "clearly not meant for hockey" Barclays Center with at least 9 other people.

Also you will notice that the Fishsticks jersey that everyone will be getting is completely sublimated and void of shoulder logos. So you have to weigh the pros and cons here and figure out if this deal is for you.

I do applaud the Isles for trying to sell group packages this way. Even if CCM or the NHL currently do not recognize that this jersey does have some value in the retail market, the Islanders do. We've seen warmup jerseys with the Captain on them and now we have this promo deal.


Maybe our resident Islanders fan and Wednesday writer Phil can gather 9 people together and head to the game to get one of these things?
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Already working on a group

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