Wednesday: One More Week

Since this post went live, we have:
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UNTIL THE RETURN OF NHL HOCKEY! The regular season is upon us and we are celebrating here with..... 4 concepts.

But back to the NHL for a second. 7 PM On Wednesday October 4th brings us a matchup of two elite sophomores, Auston Matthews and Patrick Laine, as the Toronto Maple Leafs visit the Winnipeg Jets. Guess which writers will be watching that one.... Later on, the Penguins will raise their 5th Stanley Cup banner at PPG Paints Arena as they host the Blues. Again, pretty easy to guess at least 2 writers that will be tuned in.

Speaking of writers, a quick interruption of the hype. WE NEED ONE! Tuesdays are available for you to join in and help me from being surrounded by two Penguins fans, a Rangers fan and a Leafs fan. Plus you get to try and do better at this than me.

Hint: it's not that hard to be better than me at this.

ANYWAY: 10 PM brings us the Battle of Alberta. Followed at 10:30 by a cross country match-up between Philadelphia ad San Jose. Kind of brutal to start the season on a West Coast trip following a preseason game at home against the Islanders. Their home opener isn't until the 14th. San Jose, LA the next day and then Anaheim before heading to Nashville. Yikes.

VOTES: We had 3 entries into the Arena logo competition. Logo design is hard, so I don't blame you guys for the low turnout. So you just need to pick a winner here. Oh and COTW, but you knew that, right?


 COTW Sept 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 Arena Logo Comp vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 Writer Applications (due Friday @ 6pm ET) 


Alan H: St. Louis Blues Concept

Here Alan uses two shades of blue, as we have seen on past Blues designs, but its their existing shade of blue as the base set plus a slightly lighter shade, instead of the existing navy blue. Alan also angles the sleeves like the Blues' first set of jerseys that involved navy blue. We also have two separate patterns, which I am not a fan of honestly, especially with the top jersey having a better pattern (though the yellow arm stripes should be the same width as the white stripe to keep consistent with the hem, in addition to thinning out that blue separation stripe). I like that this avoids YOWS (yellow-on-white syndrome). I don't think these two shades of blue are distinct enough to stand out as the two major colors on the jersey set. The full Adidas logo should be on the back, not just the wordmark.

Rating: 75%

Alan H: Vancouver Canucks Concept

Alan once again presents us with a mismatched jersey set, as the existing striping pattern is angled on the white jersey, while the blue jersey gives us a simple two stripe pattern at the same angle as the white jersey. I actually like this darker shade of blue here as it helps separate itself from the green more. The orca logo is history here, as Johnny Canuck returns on the shoulders. The V in the collar inset is a bit much. Same Adidas complaints.

Rating: 85%

Jets96: Idaho Steelheads (ECHL) Concept

The one thing I didn't like from the original Steelheads look (the cheesy logo aside) is that they did not use red in their jerseys much. Teal, red and black are a great look in my opinion (See Kelowna Rockets). Here Jets96 takes that and adds grey, A lot of grey. And that makes sense for a bit. Grey is the color of steel, so I get that move. However I don't think this is a practical combination of jerseys, as that shade of grey is too light to be considered a "dark" jersey. It does look nice though.

Rating: 80%

Noah B: Boston Bruins Concept

A classic look for the Bruins that brings back brown as the primary color in the scheme, but a dark enough brown that it doesn't look that different from the existing color scheme. That yoke on the white jersey is brilliant. The color balance is perfect. I just wonder how this would look with the old Bruins tradition of yellow socks, a tradition Adidas threw away for no reason.

Rating: 95%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is



Well that was a quick post. I NEED MORE CONCEPTS! Send them to me so we can have a huge concept party on the day the NHL season starts. But until then, sleep well and be patient. It's coming. And I will see you when it's here.
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Ben Shaffer said...

Second Noah's Bruins for COTW.

Unknown said...

Alan's Nucks concept for COTW

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