Wednesday: The Big Re-CAP

Welcome to another Wednesday post here at HJC! We have a lot of stuff today so let's get right into it all!

NEWS: Recently I went to the Islanders practice facility and pro shop in East Meadow to get my skates sharpened (and buy hockey tape because you can never have enough tape) in advance of the Stabley Cap tournament I mentioned last week and a few times beforehand. While I was there I saw the brand new Adidas threads the Islanders will sport this season, so I took some pictures for you guys to see. Not the best pictures but pictures nonetheless.

The jerseys do feel much lighter than the Reebok jerseys, just from feeling the arms of the jersey itself. Collar looks just as stupid up close as it does in person. Especially that tie-down. And consider this: The Islanders ditched the tie-down for a V-neck collar in 1977. Couple of years later they won 4 straight Cups. I'm not saying ditch the tie-down it for good luck. I'm saying ditch the tie-down for good looks. Any other questions you may have I'll gladly answer in the comments section.

HOCKEY FIGHTS CANCER: The New York Islanders have leaked/unveiled the new Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys under Adidas:

So it isn't a fully glorified practice jersey like it was under Reebok, which is nice. But you'll notice a couple of things. 1) a white yoke on the top of the jersey. 2) Partial white arm stripes. 3) The HFC logo enlarged and on the sleeves. 4) Adidas stripes.

Well nobody is perfect.

STABLEY CAP: A fun time was had by all as the Stabley Cap was won for the second year in a row by the Washington Stabley Cap-itels. Here are some photos of the best uniform set ups, as only jerseys were purchased and not everybody had matching gear. (Jessica Kovalcin Photography)

Nu Jerzee Devals

Nu Yark Rager, Emelia Cap (3rd Place Match) champions

Pittsberg Fills, featuring forward #68 Borimir Jager, who played for every team once but died during the second intermission of the final as a member of the Devals. The Fills would win the Skills Competition without Jager, who at the time was with the Rager. My team.

Washington Stabley Cap-itels, 2017 Stabley Cap Champions

On December 22nd, the Kalamazoo Wings of the ECHL will be wearing jerseys in tribute to the Disney classic "The Mighty Ducks". Now while the K-Wings are not an affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks (rather Vancouver), it won't stop them from using this design:

(Source: https://twitter.com/KalamazooWings/status/905098269960925185)

My childhood...

The team specific touches are cool, as the Duck is replaced by the team's mascot, and the D-5 is replaced by the numbers 269, the local area code of Kalamazoo and surrounding areas in southeast Michigan. Well done.

Also calling their opponent for that night, the Toledo Walleye, cake-eaters is awesome.

VOTES: Toledo Walleye Top 5 and COTW for this week's votes. Get r dun!


COTW vote Aug 25-31 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C: Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic Concept

And you guys thought the 2016 Winter Classic jerseys were perfect. Well let me introduce you to this concept. Chase reworks the chest striping so that the blue and red are separated. Then, by placing the numbers inside the striping he recreates an old Canadiens look. The white numbers on the back are perfect for two reasons: 1) The double outline of blue and red is thick enough combined and 2) The number is mostly situated on the red chest stripe. The hem trim doesn't need to be another full set of stripes and it isn't. Shut up and take my money!*

*If I had money...

Rating: 99%

Brooks F: Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) Concept

The curved stripes definitely give off a modern touch for what seems to have become a classic brand in the ECHL. The kicker with this concept is the faint grey trim in the logos, matched with the number designs on the jersey. The only thing I would have done is replaced the W on the alternate logo with a K, since the team is nicknamed the K-Wings sometimes because of their current logo.

Rating: 93%

Joe D: Atlanta Thrashers Concept

There's a running gag on WFAN about a caller named Joe D from Brooklyn. So please let me know if you are this guy in the comments, and if you were friends with Yankees great Mickey Mantle. But I wouldn't have been able to make that joke if it weren't for Ryan here at HJC because YOU DID NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE IMAGE! And it's a shame you didn't because this is actually a great concept, that with a little refining (And some identification) could be a concept of the week contender. This shade of copper/brown works surprisingly well against a navy blue jersey, so pairing it with the Thrasher head logo only works. The yellow seems to be just distinct enough against the white so I'll leave that alone. The alternating color arrowhead design is what really sells this concept well, and you executed it with perfection from the front view to the back. I'd love to see it on the pants though.

Rating: 83%

Matt G: Buffalo Sabres Concept

Here Matt returns the Sabres to their original color scheme, combined with a striping pattern based on the 1983-1996 Sabres with two sets of sock stripes, with the only difference being a blue-yellow-blue pattern found consistent throughout the white jersey. In addition to that, and most notably, Matt applies a minimalist Sabres logo on the jersey. I personally like it on the blue but not on the white jersey. Interesting idea for sure, and the numbers sans outline match the minimalist ideas in the logo.

Rating: 85%

TC Moore: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (NCAA) Concept

The one thing I hate about Georgia Tech is their color scheme, especially as with gold as a base color, because the gold is too dark, a la the Predators first gold alternate. Mustard jerseys don't work. I love that white jersey though, and that alternate with the tertiary logo inside the striping pattern is a nice touch. The yoke matches up with the striping of the jersey very well.

Rating: 80%

TC Moore: Kentucky Wildcats (NCAA) Concept

Kentucky has always been obnoxious with that blue and white checkerboard pattern, so just by looking at the jersey sans logo you know this belongs to Kentucky. Add the yoke pattern (differently sized from his previous concept, mind you) matching the hem, and coexisting with the checkerboards, we have a quality concept.

Rating: 88%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



And that will do it for a very busy Wednesday. Keep sending in those concepts. We had nothing but great concepts today, rating no lower than 80%. Keep it up guys! I will see you next week as Training camp will begin soon! We're almost there guys!

And can somebody tell the Leafs to drag out their white Adidas jersey for unveiling please?
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Unknown said...

COTW to Brooks

Unknown said...

Joe D. For COTW

JJ Anderes said...

I'll second Anthony for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Gotta second Joe for COTW, that's one hell of a Thrashers alt concept.

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