Tuesday: Take This Spot...Please!

Hey readers. Welcome to Tuesday on the ol' HJC blog. I'm Ryan and today we have four really super-duper concepts for you, but before we do that let me take a minute to talk about politics...

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Macon Whoopee (Jets96)
By far this is the best named team in the history of the minor leagues. Too bad they couldn't stick around to accept their award. I like that Jets has tried something new here with the yokes however this design seems to be contained or restricted by the Nike template. Let's see some curves or angles, anything to break free of the shackles that this template his bestowed upon the yokes! The yokes are very rigid and straight and then the arm stripes are angled. They're not working together for me. Jets does a good job here of using Christmas colours and avoiding having the jerseys look like Christmas jerseys, which is a trap that a lot of red and green concepts fall into.
Rating: 6/10

Detroit Red Wings (Noah B.)
Everyone is very aware that the Red Wings have a perfect look and nothing needs to change, ever. Well everyone except Noah here who shows us how the Red Wings jerseys can let loose and party a little bit. I like to classic stripe set-up, yet it's not boring. The standard block font keeps the Wings as classy as ever. The Stadium Series D-logo shoulder patch is fine, because really what other choices do we have? It looks to me that the primary logos are too big and too low. I also think that the red collar insert with the white collar does not look good on the white jersey.
Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild (Alan H.)
I kind of like what Alan has done here by taking elements of the Wild's original jerseys and applying them to the look of the current road jersey. Just as I was last week, I am impressed with what Alan has done with the Adidas collars. Also just as last week, why do the jerseys still say Adidas instead of the full logo. This is one of the problems with sending in your whole series all at once as now you can't add a reason for this to all the remaining concepts or you can't fix all of the remaining concepts.
Rating: 7.5/10...for now.

Columbus Blue Jackets (Alan H.)
Wait a minute. Where have I seen this jersey before? Let me go through the nearly 8 years of archives to find this. Oh that's right, we just saw this jersey! Alan, this Blue Jackets jersey is just too similar to the Wild jerseys from before. As single submissions this would have been over looked, but they were sent in all together as one project. It's just too hard to over look this. I personally would have liked to have seen more creativity with whichever of these two concepts came second.
Rating: 6.5/10 (also I'll drop the Wild concept down to a 6.5/10 as well)

That's all for today. This week if you're going to nominate a concept for COTW I challenge you to leave two sentences as to why you are doing so. This will give other concept artists the chance to see what elements the readers really like. They can then incorporate those ideas into their concepts and in a couple of weeks we should have some really nice concepts being posted.

Tuesday: Take This Spot...Please! Reviewed by Ryan on September 26, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

The only common theme between the two jerseys is the idea of the yoke trim. Otherwise the two jerseys are completely different. Look at the thickness of the striping on the yoke and hem. Completely different. The devil is in the details Ryan.

Alan H's Columbus Blue Jackets concept for COTW.

JB Designs said...

What would be your guys thoughts on doing an HJC Fantasy hockey league this season? I’m sure a lot of us have been looking for leagues and it would be a fun way for us designers to get to know each other as hockey fans/GMs in addition to what we know of each other already.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm going to throw a COTW Nom to Noah's Red Wings Concept. It's a really solid blending of various Red Wings eras, puts the modernized D on the shoulders and uses the vintage inverted logo on the home jersey

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I'll second Alan's CBJ for COTW. The striping looks fantastic, and I like how Blue isn't as dominant (I know they're called the Blue Jackets). I also really like the Stars on the cuff, looks really nice. I love little details like that.

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