Thursday: K-Wings Honour Parent Clubs & Deadheads

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Last year, we saw the Indy Fuel (is pumping engine) and South Carolina Stingrays honour their parent clubs by placing their logos on their NHL counterpart's jersey. In both cases, it worked really nicely as an alternate, and while not the most original idea, not being done full time makes these jerseys a nice tribute rather than a mediocre ripoff. This year, the Kalamazoo Wings announced a day after their Mighty Ducks tribute jerseys were, that they would wear Canucks colours and honour their parent club in January. Similar to Indy and the Stingrays, it work quite well on a non-regular basis, and like the Indy Fuel, it simultaneously honours both their AHL and NHL parent clubs.

Photo from Official Kalamazoo K-Wings Twitter (@KalamazooWings)
This isn't the first time the K-Wings have gone with their affiliates colour scheme. During their days as the original K-Wings and later the Michigan K-Wings in the IHL, the team wore the Minnesota North Stars later Dallas Stars colour scheme until 2000. Their current colour scheme comes from the original Kalamazoo Wings colour scheme pre Stars. It's interesting seeing another city's name spelt out over a a logo on a Canucks style jersey, as Utica didn't (and likely can't due to the name being so short) do this with their jerseys, despite them being Canucks copies as well. Also like the fact the modern Stick in Rick Canucks alternate logo is used instead of the C whale, as it works better with the Utica Comets logo.

Overall- Solid tribute, and something I would chose to wear if it's in NHL18, keep it as a full time alt!

The K-Wings aren't done though, as like may minor league teams, their one night jerseys will extend to pop culture. This time, we're going back to the late 60s to honour the Grateful Dead.

Now I'll just be honest,  my extend of Deadhead knowledge begins and ends with them being stickers on Cadillacs and not looking back (shout out to TC), so I will not get much of the references outside the logo, tie dye and colour choices (i.e.: why the bears?). The whole jersey has that psychedelic feel, especially those numbers especially. I will  say the K-Wings have a logo that compliments the Deadhead skull really well here, and this is just a really nice, cool, band tribute jersey that doesn't come across as tacky or a PR stunt, but a genuine tribute.

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On with today's concepts!


Stanford University Cardinals NCAA Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ Striping resembles the outline of the S around the tree, and it looks really solid. The striping and logo are really well tied together r
+ I'm getting a Coyotes vibe from the home and road, but it really works well and if that is the source of inspiration, it's apparent but far from a rip off
+ Even though there's no black in the home and road, I love the black jersey but don't want it in the home and road
+ Great execution

- One thing I would have liked were white numbers on the black jersey to match the white tree on the primary logo
- Numbers on the back are a little short

Rating: 8.75/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ There's something really cool about seeing Eichel's name on a goat head jersey, similarly a goat head jersey with simple striping that's closer to the Sabres Classic striping
+ Despite the striping being simple, the colours are all relatively in the same place as they were on the original
+ Great execution

- Like the Bolts jerseys I reviewed on Monday, the lack of a shoulder patch kills this jersey for me. During this era the Sabres had some really solid shoulder patches and it's a shame not to see it here
- The same goes for the numbers. It makes the jersey look more like "a classic Sabres jersey with a Goathead slapped on the front" there's no identity to this!
- The other thing those numbers do is add silver to the jersey, which it needs outside the logo

Rating: 7.25/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ The fauxback Sabres logo you've chosen to use here is is a pretty sweet version of the original Sabres logo. There's something about all that negative blue space that works
+ Great execution
+ It's a pretty faithful throwback, right down to the shoulder patches

- This is a direct copy of the Sabres, let's say 80s, jerseys, not too original and I think we can visualize this in our heads. I'm not quite as harsh on these throwbacks on X-templates, and some people really enjoy these, but it's redundant
- I might be the only person who liked this, but the 2006-07 alternate with the navy pants looked REALLY good to me, why not bring that back and help out the equipment manager?
- Problem with the socks is that on the original jerseys they were Leafs copies, but it always bothered me after the stripes were thickened in the 80s, the sock stripes didn't either

North Carolina State Wolfpack NCAA Concept (By: TC Moore)

+ Similar to the Stanford concept, the primary logos look awesome, and the striping match it
+ Fantastic colour balancing across s the bored
+ Alternate isn't personally my cup of tea with the full body logo, but in the NCAA, that stuff is eaten up and it would be super popular
+ Great execution

- The one change I would make to the alternate would be to either use the Wolfpack had logo, or the howling wolf logo

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Quebec Nordiques 90s Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ I think most people actually like the Nordiques unused 1996 rebrand, and while the jerseys they'd come up with were solid, these are also pretty solid
+ Love the flue de lis on the socks and hem
+ Font chosen is great
+ Solid executoin

- I like the triangles on the socks and yoke/side panels, but not under the arm mountains
- The colour balancing is a little off, would prefer black numbers and blue sides/arm things
- The edgy teal fleur de lis would make a great shoulder patch or pant logo

Rating: 8.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ If the Sharks played in a Winter Classic when they wore the black yoke and more orange jerseys, this would have been a nice shift
+ The yoke reworking looks solid
+ Great execution as per usual

- There really isn't much of new jersey for the Sharks. I mean sure they haven't worn that style of jersey for nearly half a decade, it's something new but also not new. It'd be like the Leafs wearing their 1999-00 jerseys with the modern logo but keeping the Leaf shoulder patch and rounded numbers
- Probably would have preferred black numbers with the right outline
- No helmet logos
- With the new Los Tiburones logos, it's a major missed chance to use those logos and they will eventually be replacing the 2007-XX logos

Rating: 6.5/10

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Ben Shaffer said...

Anthony C's San Jose for COTW. I agree with Jets, it's a missed opportunity with the newer logo, but solid nonetheless.

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