Sunday: Upcoming Previews

Good afternoon all. Welcome. Don't really have much to go on these days so I figured I give you a heads of of who I have on the lineup for my 2017-18 ACHA jersey series. My teams so far go as followed:

1. USF's White jersey and national championship run
2. Tennessee Ice Vols new uniforms and team history

That's all I got right now. Still working on getting more but I'm getting there!

Anyways, we have two votes going on right now. The Toledo Walleye Comp voting and COTW. Also, don't forget to keep a lookout for a nice Hockey loving American woman for Jets.

COTW vote Aug 25-31 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Let's do this!

 Anthony C- Kitchener Rangers
Positives: Love the dough boy logo on the front of the jersey. Also, the read with the thick striping on the arms and hems looks really bold and stands out well.
Negatives: Not a fan of the navy numbers on the red jersey. it'll be hard to see due to both colors being a dark shade. Also, the sleeves are nice but, compared to the pants, it just feels too simple of striping.
Overall: 8.5/10
Positives: The gradient looking numbers are really cool on the jerseys and the striping at the ends look really nice.
Negatives: Danny, I can see where your idea came from, but this was one trend from the 90's that's not coming back on a hockey jersey. Especially something like the Maple Leafs' blue to white gradient. Don't get me wrong, the Capitals jersey could work but it's just brought down with the other factors.
Overall: 5/10

Matt G- Topps NHL cards 
Positives: This is a first for me and I must say that the base, silver, and gold all turned out really well. The simple circle with the number and name underneath with the team name at the bottom really worked out well, As well as the design layout for the  jersey card. Overall it's something that I could see used by the Topps themselves.
Negatives: the multiple logos on the front of the winter classic card just clashes with the overall look of the card. Also, the cutout job and glow on the body on the legends card really brings the whole design down.
Overall: 8/10

Sebastian B- Nashville Predators
Positives: Believe it or not, the excessive striping does not bother me on this jersey. I think that the color balance is really good and that the checkered pattern looks great on the navy blue striping.
Negatives: The roundel logo is cliche when it comes to designs with a hem stripe and having the primary logo on the front would be much better than the skull logo. Also, possibly tone down the navy blue striping.
Overall: 7.5/10

TC M- Springfield Thunderbirds 
Positives: On a side note, I think the Thunderbirds should change their arena's name to the Thunderdome. Okay getting back, our Friday writer sends us in a pretty clean looking concept with some unique striping. I must say that I do like the striping on the white jersey with the light blue yoke and yellow collar. It really gives it a different feel. Also, the alternate jersey looks really good. It reminds me of the Sabres current home jersey but better.
Negatives: I really wish you would have made the striping on the light blue jersey alternating instead of how it is now. Also, I think you could have chosen some better numbers.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Okay guys and gals that's it for me. Thanks for dropping by and see you this time next week!
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winnipegjets96 said...

Gonna 2nd TC for COTW, the coloured stripes are pretty sweet, that and the Sabres esque but still military looking alt

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