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I had the chance to get out to a couple of stores yesterday and take a look at the Adidas authentic jerseys. I was pleased with what Adidas is offering.


The jerseys feel like high tech lightweight fabrics and not a cheap facsimile. The logos are nicely embroidered and applied well. They have replicated the lightweight patches as well, but I do not believe that they are the same as what the players are wearing on the ice. If you are like me and want your jerseys to replicate the game worn jerseys then you'll be please to know that you will be able to remove the Adidas hem tag. It's rubber but it is stitched on, so if you take your time with a seam-ripper you should be able to remove it. These are very comparable to the Reebok authentics that were $100 more.

The biggest negative was the numbers that are being used to crest the jerseys and are being shipped by Adidas. They are trying to replicate the lightweight numbers used on the game issued/worn jerseys, but they just feel like the same material used on the shoulder patches from the Reebok replica jerseys, but thinner. The two stores that I went to were also mostly stocking 48s, 50s, and 52s (that's SML-LRG). One store had nothing bigger and another store only had a few 54s (XL). No one had 56s (XXL) or 60s (XXXL). A con for me is also that the authentics are not the same as the on ice product, however that's not what Adidas is saying. These are just "authentics".


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Anonymous said...

Are the numbers better than the plastic/rubber type that was on the Reebok replicas jerseys at least?

Ryan said...

@Anon: The numbers on the Adidas authentic jerseys feel the same as the single layer heat pressed numbers that were on SOME Reebok replica jerseys.

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