Monday: Saskatoon Goes Vintage

Welcome to the Monday post!


We go undercover at a fake jersey farm for fake jerseys!

CheapJeRsEys0182 on eBay- I keep telling you, we just sell Where's the Beef T-shirts here.
Jets- Uh huh, and where are the fake jerseys?
CheapJeRsEys0182- 'Round back......Oops...

But first-

They were young Conference Champs who had devoted their design to unique modernity.

UNTIL ONE DAY, a grossly overweight company, called Adidas, gave them a crash course in

Jersey Beauty and the Beast

I went to discuss the failure of the Preds design with Adidas head Mr. A. Didas in an exclusive interview you can only read here...on HJC.

Adidas- Someone needed to give the Preds some new threads, then I notice I could RuIn ThEm... I  realized Adidas could RuIn ThEM..oh... just thinking about those rUiNeD jerseys... I=

Jets- So Adidas, you admit you ruined the Preds jerseys...what do you have to say in your defence?


Jets- Mr. Adidas your silence will only incriminate you further

Mr. Adidas don't take your anger out on me

*Dramatization, may not have happened*

In the News:

The WHL's Saskatoon Blades, after wearing throwback jerseys from their blue & yellow era (1968-2000) off and on from as early as 2005 as an alternate, have dropped the double blue first used in 2004 after nearly a decade and a half, in favour of the older look. The new primary logo and jerseys were announced August 24th on their official Twitter account, along with roster and coaching changes. 

Photo from Official Saskatoon Blades Twitter (@Blades Hockey)
These jersey are a thing of beauty. The Slapshot style jerseys and colours are something I welcome from a modern hockey team. On top of this that logo with the Blades script above it gives Saskatoon one of the nicest primary jersey logos in the entire CHL, not just WHL. The new primary logo is slightly different from any version of this logo worn previously. The original 1968-83 logo had a swoosh behind it, while several versions of the 83-94 logo have been worn, such as on the shoulders of the skate blade logo that was used from 1994-2000 or the double blue version worn on the shoulders of the most recent jerseys from 2004-17. This version is probably the best, as they've avoided the Yellow and White bleed through issue that some teams have. 

Overall, as solid and much needed revival of a classic logo and amazing jerseys to go with it that I certainly would add to my collection anyday! 

COTW voting this week is quite simple, we have 3 concepts, 2 from Jordan R. 1 from Noah B., click on the side of the blog and get that done by Friday at Noon.

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On with today's concepts! 


Reading Royals Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ I love the mix of the Pens and Jet striping on the home and road, it adds some much needed uniqueness to the Royals' colour scheme 
+ Normally I hate colour balancing like this, but both jersey looks so good I'm fine with it
+ Alt is pretty simple, but it's a solid purple jersey that would sell 
+ Solid execution 

- TV numbers aren't centred in the name thing 
- Again, I would have preferred the purple and black swap on the white jersey 

Rating: 9/10

Atlanta Thrashers 90s Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ I like how the chest pattern both makes the primary logo and is a more refined version of the edge away jersey 
+ Fantastic colour balancing 
+ Updated thicker numbers look fantastic
+ Excellent incorporation of triangle pattern
+ Great execution

- It's minor, but some colour in the pant striping would be solid 
-  Again minor, but I would have preferred a maroon helmet despite the Thrashers never wearing 

9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ I like the original team striping on the Adidas template in the current colours, adds some much needed black to the jerseys 
+ Ditto for the black dropshadow on the primary logo
+ Solid execution

- There's a lot missing from these jerseys, like the victory stripes, shoulder striping, I mean you don't have to have all of these things, but the hem bolt makes me want more
- I think the other writers have mentioned this before, but breaking up the home and road makes little sense; split the 4 jerseys into two images, home and road then alternate and vintage. It's easier for you and us writers both 
- The yoke could use some black

Rating- 7.5/10 

Sudbury Wolves OHL Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ While the Wolves have worn similar jerseys, theres enough different here to make it work
+ The yoke stripe with the modern wolf logo in it works pretty well
+ THANK YOU for scrapping that stupid sideways script around the logo
+ Nice grey numbers
+  Solid execution 

- No a fan of the green on the under part of the gloves 
- I'm not sure if the OHL has numbers on the helmets, but they do need a logo
- Numbers on the back are a wee bit small

Rating: 8/10 
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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the series Matt G. is doing. Keep up the good work!

TC Moore said...

I'll second Brooks' Thrashers for COTW. Definitely something I could see them wearing.

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