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The winner of the COTW vote for August 18-24 was Chris W!

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This was Chris' 2nd COTW win of the month. His college concepts are always very solid and this one for Rollins College continues that trend. Well done.


The new COTW noms for the week of August 25-31 have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. Assuming you are logged into a Google account, you will able to place your vote for one of the concepts before the deadline on Friday at noon Eastern time.


We had 17 entries submitted for the Toledo Walleye ReDesign. Now it's time to vote for your top 5 favourites. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the COMPETITION tab. You'll be able to vote there. You'll possibly also be able to see the slideshow of entries on that page. However Photobucket has been giving me some problems recently, so a link is also provided to click on and view all of the entries. Voting will close on Friday at noon Eastern time. The winning entry will move into next week's COTW vote.

As you should expect, we already have fake Adidas jerseys out. Here is one that I saw on eBay.
I do not suggest that you purchase fake jerseys, they look terrible and the money that you pay goes to support things that you don't want to support. Looking at this fake though, it looks better than the Reebok fakes. Much better. If you also take into consideration the large price hikes to merchandise that Adidas is bringing with them to the NHL, I predict that fake jerseys like the one above will easily outnumber licensed jerseys.


 Last week I reported that September 22nd was the day that we were going to see the new jerseys in store. Well more information has come out and that needs to be corrected.

Adidas authentic jerseys will hit US retail on September 15. This will possibly be limited to just the team stores at the arenas.

Adidas authentic jerseys will hit Canadian retail outlets on September 22. Though the people I have talked to are not 100% convinced of this as Adidas was late getting Draft hats to Canadian retailers.

At this point Fanatics have not provided a release date for the replica jerseys. No word on whether they are behind production schedules or are waiting for the optimal time to provide a date.


COTW vote Aug 25-31 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

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Unknown said...

Wow I wouldn't have known that was fake unless you said so, but can you point out exactly what gives it away so I can make sure not to accidentally buy one?

Unknown said...

The NHL shield is no longer made of fabric, as opposed to the reebok., and any collar designs are screen-printed, not sewn.

Also, TBH that fake looks horrendous. Better? I don't think so, at least not with that adidas tag on the bottom.

General thought: if you see an authentic priced around $30, it's typically counterfeit.

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